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  1. Which are the optimal mods for a "stock" M14 clone (Norinco/Dominion Arms)

    The M14
    So, I've been doing tons of research on a great all-rounder rifle and obviously landed at the M14. Being in Canada means I have access to some really great starter setups with the Chinese built M14 clones that, apparently, use the original M14 fabrication setups (sold to Asia after M14 left...
  2. Potential Upgrade

    The M14
    Hello and Happy Holidays to all, I have been put in a potentially fortunate situation where I may be able to upgrade my rifle. I currently have a Springfield Standard M1A with a match wood stock, sadlak airborne mount, seekins rings, leupold mk4, turner sling and a harris bipod. My friends dad...
  3. ***Light Strike FTF on Hard Primers Only

    The M14
    Hello all, I have been browsing this forum for the last couple years and it has been a tremendous help. With that, I've come to a question which I couldn't readily find on this forum or a general search engine. I have a newer (2014) M1a NM which I purchased new. I have had issues with...
  4. AR-15 Upgrades

    M16 AR15
    I would branch them into: - really helpful upgrades (aiming, power, maneuverability,...); - upgrades that help you make a strong connection with the rifle; - totally useless or stupidly expensive; Some AR-15 Upgrades I consider useful: 1, 4, 8, 9, 11
  5. What upgrades does my M1A have?

    The M14
    Hello everyone. I just bought an M1A at a gun show last weekend. I've always wanted one and this just caught my eye. I'm embarrassed to say, I don't really even know what I bought! Can you tell me how I can determine if it's a plain vanilla rifle, a "loaded" rifle, etc? I just want something to...