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  1. M14 Mag Collection Plus Accessories

    No longer need the 20 round sticks and looking to sell them. I would prefer to sell the whole lot in one fell swoop. I have 9 M14 mags to sell. I would like to get $400 for them shipped priority mail. OM (2) BRW S-1 (6) UHC (1) No rust, no digs, some look like they just came out of the...
  2. 3 USGI m14 magazines, EXCELLENT cond.

    Hey guys, I had to post these earlier on the forum to make sure these are legit. They look to never have been loaded or even been placed in a rifle. I have 1 OM, 1 BRW-S1, and 1 UHC magazine with a perfect original finish. I'm going for $45 shipped each.