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  1. The M14
    Hello folks. Years ago I acquired a 'new' TRW parts kit along with a 'gone thru' (from SEI) Springfield M1A (69,). I love my accurate and reliable M1A. Lately I've been wondering what to do with my parts kit. Most parts were in their wrap. I've got everything except a receiver. I'm not up to...
  2. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy one, Repaired, Original, re-parkd', any condition really just not super rough. Must be functional . 200-300$, Possible trade I have super nice TRW trigger groups for anyone who is interested.
  3. SPF
    Offered for sale is an LRB M25 rifle with TRW parts kit and less than 200 rounds through it. Build Details: * LRB M25 forged receiver, S/N 11281 * LRB standard weight (GI profile) chrome-lined barrel * LRB forged bolt Action was barreled and headspaced by LRB. TRW parts kit...
  4. PX
    I have for sale extra EBR/MK14 parts leftover from my build. Discreet Paypal preferred. All items shipped via priority mail. 1. Badger Black 30MM Rings $95 Shipped 2. TRW/Smith Enterprise engraved MK14 Mod 0 bolt. Excellent condition. $485 shipped.
  5. PX
    I have to thin some of my spare parts. I just opened a sealed pack of TRW bolts. They are $300 a piece shipped in the US. I will include all the guts so these will be complete. Let me know if you want me to assemble it for you. There are 5 available. The bolts reads 7790186 TRW Z6 Postal money...
  6. The M14
    Hey Everybody, I just ordered a complete rear sight assembly advertised as TRW. I was wondering where I need to look to find the TRW markings, if there are any. I haven't disassembled it to look but don't see any visible markings on the exterior. Any idea if this is the real deal or not?
  7. SPF
    Price Reduction M1A with LRB Arms Forged Receiver with USGI TRW Parts Kit National Matched M1A M1A Rifle LRB Arms 7.62MM M14SA Hammer Forged Receiver All USGI TRW Parts Kit This Receiver Was Dimensionally Inspected And Purchased From, And The Riifle Built By The Legendary Ted Brown of the...
  8. Want To Buy
    Looking for a TRW Hammer in good condition to complete out my TRW Trigger Assembly. Thanks in advance.
  9. SPF
    Payment via USPS money order. The first "I'll take it" followed by a PM wins. Brookfield Precision scope mount, very good condition with cam washer, clip guide key and all screws. $275 shipped. SPF TRW trigger group. TRW hammer, unmarked safety. The spline had slight peening which has been...
  10. PX
    Good day Gents. Been lurking on the forums for a long time but have been rather quiet. Recently bought another project car and have decided to let one of my back-burner projects go. I have for sale: (1) LRB M25 Receiver- New, probably 2-3 years old. Perfect. $1050 shipped to your FFL. Priority...
1-10 of 10 Results