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  1. Stock
    I recently bought what appears to be a TRW/ Overton Tiger striped birch. It has a unique engraving right above the DAS stamp though. Anyone with any info or knowledge please chime in. I don’t want to potentially erase someone’s history when I go to town refinishing it if possible. Thanks for...
  2. Gunsmithing
    I geeked out a little bit today. I’ve not seen one of these come in. I’ve seen thousands of gun gages come in and out for calibration. This is the first M14 Field Test Bolt.
  3. The M14
    Hello folks. Years ago I acquired a 'new' TRW parts kit along with a 'gone thru' (from SEI) Springfield M1A (69,). I love my accurate and reliable M1A. Lately I've been wondering what to do with my parts kit. Most parts were in their wrap. I've got everything except a receiver. I'm not up to...
  4. The M14
    Hey Everybody, I just ordered a complete rear sight assembly advertised as TRW. I was wondering where I need to look to find the TRW markings, if there are any. I haven't disassembled it to look but don't see any visible markings on the exterior. Any idea if this is the real deal or not?
1-4 of 15 Results