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  1. The M14
    Thought I would post some info regarding various ammo accuracy through M14 mounted in the Troy MCS Mod 1. The three images depict the comparisons for 147, 150, 165 and 175 as listed on the images. 150 and 175 had the best accuracy as can be seen. The right side of Figure 3 depicts an MOA of .75...
  2. The M14
    I haven't seen anything recent about the Troy MCS Mod 1 and accuracy so I thought I would post my recent experiences. I am a PO and will soon attend sniper school. My department obtained a surplus M14 several years ago and it has been sitting in a locker unused so I decided to find out its...
  3. Modern M14
    I just came across a Rock SOPMOD M14 made my Troy. It left Springfield as a SOCOM 16. Does anyone know if there is a manual? Is there a way to find out if this was a conversion or a new build? Thanks Doug
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey! I'm Reid, and I am new to the forums and do NOT yet own an M1A. I do however love the 7.62 and would like to own this rifle. So, assuming I had an unlimited budget what changes would you guys recommend as to body kits, keeping it original, optics and scopes, etc.? I am open to buying two of...
  5. Modern M14
    I've been building this over the past several months. I cannot get the castle but on my muzzle device to budge (even after removing the Allen screw) so the 2 piece barrel band was the best choice when looking for a chassis. The optic is a NF 3.5-15x56 with npr2 reticle. No idea why the photo...
  6. Optics
    Hi everyone. I just got a new M21 and want to put a U.S. optics scope on it. I am looking at the Troy Battle Rail. Has anyone used it or had experiance with it? I was also looking at the Airbourne mount.
  7. Modern M14
    Hi all. Just another FNG here with some questions. Pardon my ignorance and stupid questions. I just got A M21. This is my second Springfield. The first was a Squad Scout. I missed it and was so impressed with the performance I decided to to find another. The M21 was not my first choice but could...
  8. Modern M14
    Since moving my SOCOM into a Troy MCS, the weapon is having failure to feed issues. Manually cycling the action always feeds. The problem occurs after firing... proper ejection then a closed bolt on an empty chamber. Once again, manually cycling the weapon will load a new round. Mags are...
1-8 of 13 Results