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troy battle rail

  1. Troy Battlerail / Nikon M308 Zero Challenge

    Modern M14
    Just had the Troy Battlerail installed on my M1A Scout and mounted the Nikon M-308. When attempting to zero the sight, the elevation turret bottomed out and I'm still hitting 20+ inches above the target. I'm using the mounting rings that came with the M-308. I have an Eotech 552 that had no...
  2. Dressed up my M1A

    Modern M14
    Just showing off my girls new dress. Troy Industries M14/M1A sniper stock system. Oh man I love it, her weight went up a bit (1 lb) approximately. I cannot wait to take her out to play this weekend. The installation was a breeze as well. I have her "little sister" pictured as well. My M6A3...
  3. Turning my M1A into a DMR ... on the inexpensive .

    Modern M14
    I have a stock "loaded" Springfield M1A that I'd like to basically mount a scope on. I would like to be able to easily go back to "stock" config as well to shoot high power if I want. I have a USGI synthetic stock I got from Fred that I will install the Sadlak bipod mount in for my Harris...
  4. For Sale: Troy Battle Rail Earth color

    An impulse purchase and for that reason it's never been taken out of to box let alone the plastic bag it's shipped in. Looking to move it on so I can get other goodies...like a Sage EBR like what started the impulse with in the first place...should have stayed on course. Paid 299.99 for the...