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  1. PX
    For your consideration: 1 - New Bula Trigger Group (assembled) $175 +$5 shipping 1 - Brand New Bula Trigger Group Kit (disassembled) $225 + $5 shipping See photos for condition. USPS MO, Discrete PayPal F&F, Venmo, or personal check (cleared) for payment. Just stake your claim here..!
  2. Modern M14
    Thanks to Orlando I was able to replace my broken cast hammer on my M1A. Springfield honored the warranty but they wanted me to ship the trigger group to them. I figured it was better to keep my trigger and replace it with a GI hammer. Thanks to you all and Orlando, easy sauce.
  3. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy one, Repaired, Original, re-parkd', any condition really just not super rough. Must be functional . 200-300$, Possible trade I have super nice TRW trigger groups for anyone who is interested.
  4. PX
    Good morning! I am selling the trigger group from my Springfield armory Loaded model. I had a member from the forum do a trigger job for me. I have all the original parts from the factory that will be included with the sale. the hammer was swapped with a NOS BR Italian hammer, and the SAI...
  5. SPF
    I prefer PayPal gift or +4% and USPS Money Orders only. Keep Shooting Milspec Trigger Group - $135 Now $120 shipped From their site: Brand new factory M14 Trigger Group for sale. For one low price, you are getting a complete and fully assembled M14 trigger group that is ready to be dropped...
  6. Gunsmithing
    Hello everyone I am CLOS, this is my first post and first m1a Build FYI Newb at m1a I just finished putting together my trigger group and preformed all the function checks the assy guide says to do. I sourced all the parts from Fulton armory. the hammer has a part # of c46008-5 SA the...
  7. SPF
    I have for sale a used, but clean and very good condition complete USGI M14 Trigger Group. It features an SA trigger housing and an H&R hammer. The safety and trigger guard are unmarked. My price... $230 shipped. I will accept your personal check or USPS Money Order. I will not ship this...
  8. The M14
    Hey everyone, I hadn't removed the trigger group from my M1A before, and after removing I see that if I try to re-install the trigger group, the guard looks like it's going to hit the trigger, which also means that it doesn't line up with the locking hole. It looked fine before I removed the...
  9. Gunsmithing
    Is a USGI or Springfield aftermarket trigger pack a direct swap with an IDE Polytech?
  10. The M14
    I'm a proud new M1A owner (just sounded off earlier this evening!), and I'm wondering what's up here-- Rifle is an M1A Loaded. When I attempt to field strip without the hammer cocked, the trigger guard will bring the hammer into contact with the sear(?) but will not bring the hammer into...
1-10 of 10 Results