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  1. Want To Buy: LRB Receiver

    Want To Buy
    I would like to acquire a LRB receiver m14sa non lugged. I have a few items for trade. In Ohio FTF preferable. I do have an FFL if we can arrange something. I have the following for trade. keep in mind, i just need the receiver, barrel installed is fine.... I'm trying to return a favor of an...
  2. S&W M&P 9mm pro series $600

    I have a LNIB S&W M&P 9mm pro series. I am looking to sell it for $600.00. Comes with 3 magazines with Arredondo +6 base pads. The only trade I am interested in is a lightly used S&W M&P .40 Pro Series with at least 3 magazines with or without base pads. If you have a .40 pro with mags and...
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