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  1. Peruvian FAME SAC Ball ammo, anyone load it??

    Stuff went boom no problem, just as expected. It is cheapo stuff so I didn't have high expectations from the factory loaded stuff. Anyone get around to loading it?? I could've sworn I tried and reload it a few years back and broke off a few pins. Thought I remembered it had tiny flash hole...
  2. Bad Ammo??

    The M14
    I just got back from the local mom and pop gun shop and picked up some 7.62 ammo for my M1a National Match. It was being sold as Military surplus Ammo. It is marked FNM-83-13 and from the research Ive done I've determined that it is old Portuguese ammo. The problem is that some of the brass...
  3. GI Slings

    The M14
    Sorry upfront if this is in the wrong part of the forum, but does anyone know where I can find a GI sling for a M1A or Garand? I have seen beautiful leather, cheepo chinese made nylon and super tacticool stuff, but I want an old school style functional GI sling. New or older surplus in like new.