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  1. LRB Arms
    FLASH SUPPRESSOR, Original USGI. In used/fair condition. Shows heavy service wear-dings, nicks, pitting on muzzle end. These are same parts LRB refurbishes and uses on rifle builds...$49.95
  2. Hearing
    A local dealer has a Surefire 300 SPS supressor and a SilencerCo Hybrid. It will be going on an M1A SOCOM 16, but I'm leaning toward the Hybrid so I can use it on pistols later if I want to. Does anyone have any advice for against one or the other! Thanks!
  3. Want To Buy
    Looking for a SureFire 3 prong flash hider/suppressor adapter for the 762 SOCOM RC with .595"-32 threads. I have had one on backorder withSurefire for 2 months (their last estimate at that time was 6-8 weeks). Checked the status yesterday and they say "4-6 weeks lead time". LOL, at least the...
  4. Want To Buy
    I'm in need of a new or exc condition Smith Enterprise Suppressor and Tool Carrier for the SEI / Fisher M14 Direct Connect Sound Suppressor in brown / tan color NOT ACU. The one I need looks like the one in this pic from the SEI website: If you have one available or know where I can get one...
1-4 of 4 Results