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  1. 1987 Glen Nelson SM, Range Day & takedown pics

    The M14
    It seems like it’s in great shape, the bedding is a little “pitty”. Can’t wait to shoot her on Sunday. Russ Edit: Take Down pictures in the comments.
  2. 1987 Super Match, hopeful new purchase

    The M14
    So I’m nuts, I understand collections grow, I didn't need another M1A, but..... a 1987 Super Match popped up for sale with a really nice “buy now” price. The seller seemed knowledgeable in the post and had several hundred good reviews. Only four pictures but it looked promising. I understand it...
  3. For Sale: redacted by seller

    Redacted by seller
  4. Best Optics for M1A Super Match?

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and looking for a little advise. What are the best optics for the M1A Super Match? I am considering Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50MM w/EBRC -2C MOA. I have Vortex optics that I am running on my Ruger precision rifle now and really like them. Any advise...
  5. Just Bought NIB Super Match in McMillan Stock

    The M14
    Ok, With all the tinkering and fear of my Loaded not shooting like I want it to; I bid on a NIB Super Match SA9804 in McMillan stock. I got it at a lower price than those listed on Buds and similar websites and it is close enough for store pickup so there won't be shipping costs... What are...
  6. M1A Super Match Rear Sight

    Last fall I picked up an M1A Super Match at a Bankruptcy Sale that my 15yo son is now shooting. He is a member of the Texas Jr. Highpower Team of which I'm a volunteer coach helping out when I can. The rile has been dead on up until last week when the rear sight has started to run. I looked...
  7. For Sale: Springfield M1A SUPER MATCH w/ JAE Stock

    Up for sale is my Super Match M1A in a JAE-100 stock. This rifle come with the original owner's manual, case, and 1 x 10 round magazine. It has a CA compliant muzzle brake. The round count is very low, 200 rounds fired. It is in like new condition. $3,275 (with Harris 6-9 swivle bipod) and free...
  8. Why doesn't the M1A super match have the "weep hole" below to the bolt assembly.

    The M14
    All of the other M1A wood stocks come with the small weep hole in the stock. But based on all of the pictures I have seen the super match does not have the weep hole. The M1a super match without weep hole http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/27448 The standard m1a...
  9. 1990s Super Match stuck trigger?

    The M14
    Hi All, I just acquired a very clean M1A that was made back in 1990 from a Gunbroker.com auction (supposedly built by Glenn Nelson in Columbus, Georgia? So says the lady @ Springfield Armory…). The serial number is 0575XX, and it's from the “Golden Era” of M1As. It’s happens to be a Super...
  10. M21 newbie from Seattle

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm new to not just the forum but M1A's in general. Recently I purchased a Springfield Armory M21. While I've shot a friends standard and SOCOM, he is my leading experties at this point, I have some unanswered questions about the M21 (would apply to a Super Match as well)...
  11. Breaking her in

    ** * * Okay, so I have been lurking around my local gun shop for almost a year now. Every week, my parents take me there, I drool over the M1A Super-Matches, and then we leave as my heart once again falls to the floor only to stay with what it wants most. However, yesterday was different, when...