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  1. magpul ACS stock questions

    Modern M14
    What tactical snacks can fit in a magpul acs stock
  2. For Sale: Refinished Birch Stock-150

    No longer selling this Stock, Mods please delete.
  3. For Sale: Springfield polymer stock

    Hello all, I have for sale a few things. Make an offer on anything. A Springfield composite black stock from my standard M1A with the rubber butt pad and black hand guard, has a qd point for bipods,like new shape- 65 you pay shipping A Springfield op rod spring guide and Springfield gas...
  4. Archangel Precision Stock - Caution Fit for Pre-1990 M1As

    Modern M14
    Problem - My 1985 M1A-A1 Receiver will not fit flush with the Archangel Precision Stock - AAM1A. After reading a lot of the forum discussions on the Archangel Precision Stock, I ordered an Archangel Precision Stock for my M1A-A1. I followed the Promag YouTube installation video to the letter...
  5. For Trade: M1a Scout Black Composite Stock Set

    I'm looking to trade my Scout Squad Black Composite Stock Set for the Walnut wood stock set. http://www.springfield-armory.com/products/m1a-scout-squad/
  6. SPF 2 "Freds" As New Walnut USGI stocks

    Been away from the forums for a while. Good to be back. Cleared out the safe to move it to epoxy coat the safe room floor and realized how much I missed shooting my M14's. Got all fired up to do the next build. Well, I planned on using one of these on an M21 build. I didn't realize that you...
  7. Green Scout Stock

    I would like to locate a green stock for my M1A Scout rifle. I've searched and failed for the last few weeks. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just an O.D. Green stock. I'd be willing to buy new, used, or trade my black stock.