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  1. Fajen stock and scout handguard for sale

    Now fajen heavy stock all metal included 200$ shipped and a m14ca scout handguard (for medium barrel) never used 175$ best way to reach me is text 2706685926 thanks Jarrett
  2. Want To Buy: CQB stock

    Want To Buy
    hello everyone, I have a socom 16 and really liking the cqb stock. Wondering where I can buy the stock? Looked online and only come up with the complete rifle. Does anyone know of a website thats selling them? Also, if I do find one, is it drop in and done? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sage EBR MOD1 stock

    Greetings all, I am selling my Sage stock pictured below. It is in great condition and includes a comfortable Ergo palm shelf grip BUT, it is missing the following parts. - EBR op rod guide block (3 op rod guide screws included with stock) - side & bottom picatinny rails - Kydex handguard -...
  4. Want To Buy: Sage Telescoping Stock... $100?...

    Want To Buy
    Does anyone have a loose Sage telescoping stock for the Sage chassis? My EBR has the AR style and I’d love the telescoping stock for it.
  5. Bula Barreled Receiver | Boyd's | Bula | Fulton | Sadlak | Sage | SEI | USGI |

    Thinning the herd! Bula Serial #TFL34 - Standard M14 receiver with 19.25” NM Medium Weight barrel and stripped bolt. Unfired - NEW - $800 shipped. - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - $175 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod NM Spring Guide - NEW - $25 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod Spring - NEW - $10 - *SOLD* Bula...
  6. For Sale: NM SA Black Synthetic Stock

    I went home for the holidays and while digging around I found the stock that my Springfield Armory M1A National Match came seated in. I figured one of you on here may have a use for it, since I only own one M1A and it's been in an EBR chassis ever since one week after I bought the rifle. It's...
  7. Newbie Question - Medium contour Boyds Stock

    I recently purchased a Boyds medium contour laminated birch stock for my M1A. I am upgrading from the synthetic stock it came with, and wanting to transfer as much of the hardware as possible to save money. My main concern is the stock ferrule, which I removed and attempted to put on the new...
  8. McMillan Adjustable M3A stocks at LRB!!

    LRB Arms
    After several months in production, we are happy to announce a limited inventory of McMillan Adjustable M3A stocks. These stocks are available for individual purchase, or to be used on a build. Remember, McMillan stock must be glass bedded. Click here for complete description.
  9. Messy birch tiger stripe? Need some advice.

    Hi, folks! I am new to the forum and also new to the M14/M1A rifle. Recently I fall in love with the tiger stripe stock and wanted one badly. I went to the Fred's Treelinem14 ordered a 90% Tiger Birch in excellent condition and it arrived yesterday. Upon arrival the stock was dark and I can...
  10. For Sale: Remington 700 SA Bell Carlson stock - $165 shipped

    Green w/ black webbing. Used in great shape.
  11. For Sale: JAE 100 Gen 1 Stock $950 & Plano Case

    I had listed my complete rifle on the PX, and then downgraded the listing to just the stock... so I guess it goes on the BX. Selling my JAE 100 Gen 1 rifle stock, comes with a Plano Case as a Bonus, the foam is plucked out to fit an M1A. The JAE Options: -Removable Cheek rest and spacer...
  12. New M1A owner from Texas

    New Member Introductions
    My name is Tyler. I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've always loved the M1A/M14/M1 Garand style of rifle and just found an M1A for a very good price so I decided to pick it up. The thing is, is that it came in a black composite stock; which I don't mind, but i'd much rather have a...
  13. ***CLAIMED***

    Pay It Forward
    Greetings everyone, I am giving away a magpul 0.75" cheek riser for magpul MOE and CTR stocks, for the price of shipping. Its in great shape and would make a great addition if you have one of the following stocks but need a better line of sight to your optic. $5 paypal gift or postal money...
  14. Need help with "fajen" national match stock

    I purchased a Fajen stock via gunbroker. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/586142397 I received it today however I am having difficulty identifying the wood. It doesn't appear to be any walnut I have seen. No one at my school could identify the type either(I currently attend the Colorado School of...
  15. Keeping track / inventory of what you have on hand.

    Broken Arrow
    Howdy Buckeroos, Many of us do not know what we really have on hand. I have been socking ammo and supplies away since the late 1970’s, when we were called survivalists – not the current touchy feely preppers. Last June/July we moved our home and business (after thirty-two years) from...
  16. Stop me before its too late

    So I picked up a used m1a standard, in really good shape but it has the normal springfield stock in black. I like the texture and all, but from my own experience with it and as many other commented here it flexes a good bit. I have been trying to read, and many have done the carbon fiber arrow...
  17. For Sale: MI T series 10" quad rail and MILSPEC VLTOR EMOD butstock

    $60 for the rail. See it here: https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=219 It was used on my primary so it is seriously used, hence the price (less than half of a new one). It was painted with cheapo krylon after I wore some nice scuffs in it from...
  18. Beautiful Laminated M14/ m1A Stock w/ Sadlak Pic Rail

    THANKS! Hey All, Need to sell a Very Nice Laminated wood stock off of my LRB M25. It will fit most M14 / M1A clones. It is 95% condition with very light safe wear. It will come with a Sadlak Heavy Duty Picatinny rail w/ qd stud for mounting a Bi-pod ($80 option). Will come with all metal...
  19. For Sale: New Sage EBR Fixed Stock Adaptor & Magpul 870 Stock

    Hey All, Have a New Sage EBR Fixed Stock Conversion Kit (M14ALCS/CVFS) with a Magpul 870 Shotgun Stock for us poor saps in Commiefornia that don't want to deal with the bullet button BS. The stock will come with spacers to adjust for LOP & all 3 comb height inserts. Pics.... On the...
  20. Sock refinishing help, Boyds PTO

    Hello Everyone, I have a CMP special grade M1 garand with a new Boyds walnut stock. I didnt like the stain they put on it so I am in the end stages of refinishing it. I got it stripped all they way down, sanded it, put 2 liberal coats of a 50/50 mix of pure tung oil and mineral spirits...