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  1. PX
    For sale is a Boyd’s stocks M14 Stock with National match contour. I’ve been sitting on this for about 5 years and went with a McMillan for my match M14 build. there are some dings to the stock, and a small split/crack near the butt but I don’t think this would be harmful to the performance of a...
  2. Want To Buy
    Looking for a standard Egyptian buttstock with cleaning kit hole to replace the thumbhole on my Intrac. Also interested in an Egyptian crutch folding stock. $350 max. Thanks for looking!
  3. Bargains
    Now fajen heavy stock all metal included 200$ shipped and a m14ca scout handguard (for medium barrel) never used 175$ best way to reach me is text 2706685926 thanks Jarrett
  4. Want To Buy
    hello everyone, I have a socom 16 and really liking the cqb stock. Wondering where I can buy the stock? Looked online and only come up with the complete rifle. Does anyone know of a website thats selling them? Also, if I do find one, is it drop in and done? Thanks in advance.
  5. SPF
    Greetings all, I am selling my Sage stock pictured below. It is in great condition and includes a comfortable Ergo palm shelf grip BUT, it is missing the following parts. - EBR op rod guide block (3 op rod guide screws included with stock) - side & bottom picatinny rails - Kydex handguard -...
  6. Want To Buy
    Does anyone have a loose Sage telescoping stock for the Sage chassis? My EBR has the AR style and I’d love the telescoping stock for it.
  7. SPF
    Thinning the herd! Bula Serial #TFL34 - Standard M14 receiver with 19.25” NM Medium Weight barrel and stripped bolt. Unfired - NEW - $800 shipped. - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - $175 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod NM Spring Guide - NEW - $25 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod Spring - NEW - $10 - *SOLD* Bula...
  8. PX
    I went home for the holidays and while digging around I found the stock that my Springfield Armory M1A National Match came seated in. I figured one of you on here may have a use for it, since I only own one M1A and it's been in an EBR chassis ever since one week after I bought the rifle. It's...
  9. Stock
    I recently purchased a Boyds medium contour laminated birch stock for my M1A. I am upgrading from the synthetic stock it came with, and wanting to transfer as much of the hardware as possible to save money. My main concern is the stock ferrule, which I removed and attempted to put on the new...
  10. LRB Arms
    After several months in production, we are happy to announce a limited inventory of McMillan Adjustable M3A stocks. These stocks are available for individual purchase, or to be used on a build. Remember, McMillan stock must be glass bedded. Click here for complete description.
  11. Stock
    Hi, folks! I am new to the forum and also new to the M14/M1A rifle. Recently I fall in love with the tiger stripe stock and wanted one badly. I went to the Fred's Treelinem14 ordered a 90% Tiger Birch in excellent condition and it arrived yesterday. Upon arrival the stock was dark and I can...
  12. BX
    Green w/ black webbing. Used in great shape.
  13. BX
    I had listed my complete rifle on the PX, and then downgraded the listing to just the stock... so I guess it goes on the BX. Selling my JAE 100 Gen 1 rifle stock, comes with a Plano Case as a Bonus, the foam is plucked out to fit an M1A. The JAE Options: -Removable Cheek rest and spacer...
  14. New Member Introductions
    My name is Tyler. I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've always loved the M1A/M14/M1 Garand style of rifle and just found an M1A for a very good price so I decided to pick it up. The thing is, is that it came in a black composite stock; which I don't mind, but i'd much rather have a...
  15. Pay It Forward
    Greetings everyone, I am giving away a magpul 0.75" cheek riser for magpul MOE and CTR stocks, for the price of shipping. Its in great shape and would make a great addition if you have one of the following stocks but need a better line of sight to your optic. $5 paypal gift or postal money...
  16. Gunsmithing
    I purchased a Fajen stock via gunbroker. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/586142397 I received it today however I am having difficulty identifying the wood. It doesn't appear to be any walnut I have seen. No one at my school could identify the type either(I currently attend the Colorado School of...
  17. Broken Arrow
    Howdy Buckeroos, Many of us do not know what we really have on hand. I have been socking ammo and supplies away since the late 1970’s, when we were called survivalists – not the current touchy feely preppers. Last June/July we moved our home and business (after thirty-two years) from...
1-17 of 75 Results