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  1. withdrawn / no longer for sale

    Very nice M1A , medium weight stainless Wolfe barrel Modfib Wolfe stock HR trigger group Leupold Vari - X III 4.5 - 14 Sadlak Airborne mount NM iron sigh
  2. New firearm owner and M1A owner

    New Member Introductions
    Mississippi newbie here. I just got hooked on the hobby after some friends asked me to go shooting with them in November and December. Bought my first handgun in Jan of this year(Beretta M9) and just bought my first rifle last weekend(M1A)! I had been wanting a rifle ever since going out with...
  3. super match muzzle brake threads give way

    The M14
    I bought a brand new Springfield M1A Super Match (stainless barrel). Less than 150 rounds through it and the factory-installed muzzle-brake goes flying down range. I collect it, inspect, all looks fine. No obvious sign of cross threading, though the threads were not very tall. I clean everything...