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  1. Steel and Wood
    Hello, The heel say's Springfield Armory, and every part I can find on it that's stamped is stamped SA so that's pretty neat I think. The serial number puts it in the 1952 range I believe [Edit: 1953, thank you Random Guy] and the barrel is stamped SA-2-52 (Muzzle 2, Throat 3+), wondering if it...
  2. SPF
    1. Springfield M1A™ SOCOMM 16 CQB with Vortex Venom Red Dot #AA9611PK - $1,200 SHIPPED I’ve fired exactly 200 rounds through this rifle. 100 rounds with the red dot and 100 rounds with a Vortex scope. The rifle only weighs a little over 9 pounds and is a LOT of fun to shoot. No issues! Ships...
  3. SPF
    Pending funds arrival, these seem to be sold. FUNDS HAVE ARRIVED. I retain MILSCO 1942 with black hooks, including the brown-dyed. And I have the Rock Island 1941, also with blackened steel furniture. And some others. But the brass MILSCO 1942 appear to be sold out. There may be more of...
  4. PX
    This is a Super Match rear lug, (according to Springfield) with 130130 serial number. Build date 2000. According to Springfield when I bought it from an out of state FFL, it was built by them and then shipped to Mr. Nelson for final match build and bedding. The FFL I purchased this from...
  5. Want To Buy
    I am looking for a refinished Fiberglass stock. Want something in very good condition. Installed cheek riser, rubber SAI butt pad, and front rail mount are added benefits. Would prefer one of two options: 1: SAI Black USGI Wrinkle Finish 2: LRB Green Refinished Looking to pay up to $100
  6. The M14
    What is the name of the composite from which these rifles are made? It's some grade of carbon fiber in resin in the Stocks. What resin is used in M14 & M1A stocks?
  7. LRB Arms
    Did you know LRB Arms works on ALL makes & models of the M14, not just our own? Send us your parts for a barreled action, complete rifle build, re-barrel, glass bedding, and other M14 gunsmithing needs. At $45/hr labor, you'll get the service and quality we strive to achieve every day! Click...
  8. BX
    Ok, I've got 10 NOS Garand clip latches mfg by Springfield. You can see from the photos they are heavily coated in Cosmoline and still in what is left of the factory packaging. I don't know exactly when they were produced but they are post war parts, and they have been in storage since the late...
  9. SPF
    National Match s/n 175xxx. Total round count =393. Includes 1-SA 10 rd mag, 2-new CMI 20 rd mags, 1-20 rd mag SA or GI not sure. Also, cotton sling, 3 stripper clips and spoon, 1 chamber brush, cleaning rod and combination tool, and cleaning DVD. This rifle has been a safe queen since 12/12...
  10. Steel and Wood
    I finally "pulled the trigger" on a Timney for my 03A4. The trigger is awesome! Heading to the range today to see what she can do. I had to relieve the stock more than I thought so I hope it stands up ok. I'll post results and a picture of the stock inletting after the range. The op...
  11. Gunsmithing
    I have an M1A loaded that needs to have its barrel replaced. I was hoping to switch to a scout-type shorter barrel. Would I have to buy a medium contour barrel? Or would the normal ones work?
  12. Pictures
    Hi, saw this bush for sale and had to have it. Sold my SOCOM. Now I can't stop buying Woodland Camo everything. Both rifles with original factory paint. Shoots great, this is a keeper.
  13. Handguns
    I CC a Springfield EMP in 40 Cal. I absolutely love this pistol. It's a great CC pistol, shoots well, feels good, all of the things I like in a pistol. Out of the box this pistol comes with a ambidextrous safety, which is new to me and by most accounts is an upgrade to the standard 1911 safety...
  14. Want To Buy
    I'm looking for the Springfield Scout Squad Walnut Stock and handguard. I have one in black synthetic and can trade it or I'll buy your walnut one.
  15. Want To Buy
    I'm currently looking for a new/used JAE gen II or III or McMillan stock for my M1A scout. Funds are a bit tight, so I would be looking to trade a New (still have box and manual) Remington 700 SPS varmint in a short action .308. The Remington is a limited edition factory build (not custom) that...
  16. Want To Buy
    DI4 I have a Colt M-4 and a few extras to trade for a Springfield M1A/M-14 rifle. I would like for the rifle to have a Walnut stock, 18-20 inch barrel, and extra mags for what I've got. I have as follows: Colt M4 Carbine (Valued at $1,250), Knights Armament RIS (Valued at $250), 13 Magpul P-mags...
1-18 of 31 Results