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  1. For Sale: NM SA Black Synthetic Stock

    I went home for the holidays and while digging around I found the stock that my Springfield Armory M1A National Match came seated in. I figured one of you on here may have a use for it, since I only own one M1A and it's been in an EBR chassis ever since one week after I bought the rifle. It's...
  2. Buying my first M1a, need advice

    The M14
    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and am looking to buy my first M1A. I would like to hear y'alls opinions on who makes the best rifle. My only experience with M1As has been with Springfield Armory rifles. Are Springfield Armory rifles any good? I have heard that their cast receivers are not...
  3. For Sale: Springfield Armory (SAI) M1A, Highlander camo stock

    Springfield Armory M1A standard Used- like new. Exactly 100 rounds fired by myself during a single range outing. Comes with SAI Gen4 aluminum scope mount installed, and standard 10 rd magazine. I'll throw in a bipod too. SN range 365,6xx $1250 shipped to your FFL in the lower 48. Payments...
  4. For Sale: NOS Garand Clip Latches (SA)

    Ok, I've got 10 NOS Garand clip latches mfg by Springfield. You can see from the photos they are heavily coated in Cosmoline and still in what is left of the factory packaging. I don't know exactly when they were produced but they are post war parts, and they have been in storage since the late...
  5. For Sale: (*REDUCED*) '42 m1 Garand Springfield Armory

    Item Description: I am having to sell my M1, looking to send to a good home. Asking $1050 Obo I am willing to ship or travel in the local area, up to a reasonable distance. ***REDUCED PRICE*** $950 Here is what we've got... All parts are World War 2 and all Springfield Armory except the stock...
  6. EBR YouTube Review

    Modern M14
    Hello people of the M14 Forum, I recently made a review of my Springfield M1A NM seated in the SAGE EBR chassis after 1,000rds and 1 year of ownership. I'd like your opinions and feedback if you don't mind! Feel free to comment/critique/discuss on my video...
  7. For Sale: SAI Walnut Stock & Handguard

    Hey All, SOLD Pics.... SOLD. -Stick
  8. Original USGI Springfield Armory Stock

    The M14
    Hey Everyone, I have a Springfield Armory USGI stock I ordered from Fred's M14 stocks. The stock is in good shape except for some mildew that seems to be on the surface of the butt of the stock. Does anyone know anyway to take care of this without damaging the wood? Living 20 minutes from...
  9. M1A Compensator Questions

    I was wondering if anyone has attached a PWS FSC30 compensator onto an SAI M1A. How do you go about removing the standard break? Tools necessary? Attaching a new break? Any help or suggestions would help. Thanks.
  10. Want To Buy: SAI National Match or Loaded rifle or Barreled Action

    Want To Buy
    Hi all! Looking to buy a well treated NM or loaded m1a. I'm going to put a McMillan and a scope mount of some kind on it anyways so if it already has either super, if not, lets see if we can work something out. Bereft college kid here who is selling other guns for space so I can only afford...
  11. SEI/SA M14SE SDM Crazy Horse

    I, exitedly got this rifle, unfortunately with a newborn and a toddler have no time to use it to it's potential. Or, afford an optic for itDI2. It has all the standard features on the Smith Enterprise website (http://www.smithenterprise.com/products02.html) with most of the upgrades and several...