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  1. Disappointed with SAI M1A cleaning kit

    The M14
    I ordered the butt stock cleaning kit from SAI. The cloth bag for the cleaning rods was dry rotted...the pull tab came off......the ratchet chamber brush looked like it had the red mud of Vietnam spattered on it....Couldn't believe they shipped it like this.....and as i expected these item do...
  2. SAI M1A "Loaded" (Includes USGI Upgrades)

    Howdy folks, Decided to sell my SAI "Loaded" model. I recently purchased a new vehicle, and since building my M1 Garand, my M1A basically collects dust (funny how an M1 will do that!). So, I'm selling the M1A to help offset the down payment on my new Tahoe. I am the original owner of this...
  3. Finished my m1a... for now

    The M14
    Sorry about the ten rounders, California resident over here. Prostaff mil dot 4-12 scope UTG 1 inch scope rings quick detach lever Basset low profile mount Tnvc cheek riser w/ mag pouch Harris bipod 6-9 inch (I think) Plus a buttstock cleaning kit (not visble) Edit: Springfield Armory M1a Scout...