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  1. The SOCOM Rifle
    Newbie here with a quick question. I manage the gun counter at a local gun club and was recently given the opportunity to purchase a new Socom 2 with extended rail cluster direct from Springfield at a serious discount. I must admit that this is the first M1A I have ever owned, most of my...
  2. The SOCOM Rifle
    Let me first apologize if this question has been asked and answered in a previous thread. I did a search and could not find a similar thread. I am having an issue with my SOCOM 2 Extended Rail where every 10 or 20 rounds I get a stovepipe or I get a casing stuck between the rail and the bolt...
  3. Modern M14
    Just got my brand new Socom 2 rifle. i absolutely love it. Thing looks awesome and works flawlessly. Just wondering however if it would be possible to fit a full length barrel on this gun, and if I did would it still function correctly? This is just a kind of a theoretical question, just...
  4. New Member Introductions
    name matt new to the forums. 8 years active duty marine corps still going strong and a huge m1a fan. currently building up a dream m1a battle rifle for my self using a jae and socom 2 platform. ill post pictures as soon as i finish it. have fun all
1-4 of 8 Results