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  1. Sage Chasis

    Gents, apologies if this has been mentioned, but with regard to the Sage EBR chasis, I believe the mk0, the one with the two bar collapsable stock w/cheek well, do these kits typically come with optic mounting solutions above the chamber? Or is the cantilevered mount which is like another 250...
  2. Gas piston drill question

    The SOCOM Rifle
    My apologies if this has been covered before but I can’t seem to find the answer. I am looking for a Gas piston cleaning drill for my Socom 16. I see on MidwayUSA they have a Gas Piston Cleaning Drill Set that features a .180" and a .323" Cleaning Drill. The Gas Plug Cleaning Drill features a...
  3. SOCOM-16 vortex scope issue-need help-

    i bought a brand new socom16 about a month ago and the iron sights worked perfectly right from the get go, me and several of my friends were all getting nice grouping all the way out to 100 yards so im positive the ballistics of the gun itself are fine. 2 weeks ago i bought and mounted a vortex...
  4. Socom 16 Not Machined correctly?

    The SOCOM Rifle
    Hi I'm new here and I just wanted to see if anyone has run into this problem. I did a search and didn't find any similar threads. Like I said I'm new to the community, I bought a M1a Socom 16, and to customize it to my specs I bought an Archangel stock , and after doing a lot of research on...
  5. Scout Scope shooting High

    I just mounted a Burris Scout Scope (2-7x32mm) on my SOCOM. I had tried a reddot once and literally threw it out thinking it was junk since I couldn't get on target. I mounted the scope on Zee rings and hit the range. I was shooting extremely high and ended up walking up to 25 yds, bottoming...
  6. Gas Lock Help (picture)

    The M14
    Model: SOCOM 16 Trying to remove the factory break one piece gas lock and replace with a threaded gas lock. The new break does not fit as snug or exact as factory (expected off a little). Understand I can shim it, but does anyone offer one with a better fit? This is an SEI model and usually the...
  7. About to go EBR on my Socom

    Modern M14
    OK i finally got up the gumption to pick up an EBR chassis. I am doing the install myself and today i got the rifle ready. Last thing i need to do is get the op rod guide removed. while do the complete strip down though i found something that has me a little worried. my gas piston was stuck and...
  8. Socom 16 Sloppy Mill Work

    Modern M14
    Hello All, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I recently purchased my second of 2 Springfield Armory weapons (M1a Socom 16) and have been less than pleased with the manufacturing quality. I've put approximately 800 rounds through my new rifle and from the begining had feed...
  9. New M1A owner from Fresno, CA

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone Josh here, i'm new to the M1A platform from Fresno, CA. Looking for some local people that know thier way around these guns and possibly some group shoots at a range sometime. Also interested in a nice walnut stock if possible
  10. Anyone have a machine shop handy? SOCOM 16 brake

    Modern M14
    I need a brake machined for the threads of the gas lock/comp that comes factory on the SOCOM 16. I need a custom brake for 40 TPI to replace the factory comp/sight. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is willing to make one for me. I've even contacted shops that specialize in custom threads/brakes but...
  11. Q: 3 point sling attachment

    The M14
    I am new here. I've had a SOCOM for many years and think its time to start making additions to it. I've looked thru the threads on this topic but didnt find an exact match. I need advice on attaching a 3 point sling to both a SOCOM 16 and M1a Scout. I want a configuration similar to RAMMAC...
  12. New to the forum and need some Info

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm new to the forum and just ordered a Socom 16. I have a few questions about the gun. My local gun shop told me that they can't give me an approximate month when it will arrive. I contacted SAI and they couldn't give me much all they said is somewhere between 3-6 months but "probably not...
  13. Mount/scope and magnifier

    Modern M14
    For Christmas, I received a Vortex strikefire scope and 3x magnifier. Will this setup work with my SOCOM 16 if I get say an ARMS 18 mount? Or will there still be eye relief issues? Also as the magnifier only works with a high mount, is this going to make such a cheek weld issue that would I be...
  14. new stock

    Modern M14
    hey dudes Its been some time but. What do yall think? Any suggestions? Just waiting for a Eotech.
  15. Shot my socom 16 for the first time...

    The SOCOM Rifle
    Shot about 200 rounds out of my socom 16 last weekend and came home to find some broken parts. One of the teeth on the hammer broke right off and the end of the tube that holds the cleaning kit broke. I ordered a new hammer from treeline but im having a hard time fiding a new cleaning kit tube...
  16. Another ARMS #18 mounting problem

    The M14
    Yes, another one of these and I'm sorry. I simply cannot find my problem anywhere on here. So here's my problem. I've got a socom 16 with an ARMS 18 mount. I have a trijicon ACOG TA11E on top of that. Set up the mount precisely to the directions (at least I think so) took to the range and shoot...
  17. First trip to the range with my new SOCOM 16

    This is my first post so I apologize if it's in the wrong place or anything. I finally got my new SOCOM 16 on Monday and was able to get to the range without the wind blowing 30+ mph this morning. I only had time to put 20 rounds through it before work but overall I am pretty happy with the...
  18. For Sale: Socom 16 Synthetic stock with Desert Warrior adjustable cheek rest

    Black synthetic stock for socom 16 with DWP adjustable cheek rest. works great for getting your eye up to the optic. $75 plus shipping
  19. Socom16 in a troy chassis

    The SOCOM Rifle
    I would like to know from anyone who has a socom in a troy chassis what kind of optic they are using. Specifically those who set their rifle up for cqb/ med range applications. And what kind of accuracy they have acheived with it. I am using an Elcan Specter DR 1-4 and am able to consistently...
  20. noob

    New Member Introductions
    whats going on guys new to the forum. i got my socom 16 in nov 11, haven't really done anything to special just yet but the plans are in the work