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socom 16 cqb
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  1. Modern M14
    My 5/8 × 24 SilencerCo single port Charlie brake finally arrived and I attached it to my Delta P Design muzzle adapter on the S16CQB variant that I have. I finally got a chance to use my Omega36M at the Range, but of course it wouldn't cycle reliably.. I read that for suppressing this platform...
  2. SPF
    1. Springfield M1A™ SOCOMM 16 CQB with Vortex Venom Red Dot #AA9611PK - $1,200 SHIPPED I’ve fired exactly 200 rounds through this rifle. 100 rounds with the red dot and 100 rounds with a Vortex scope. The rifle only weighs a little over 9 pounds and is a LOT of fun to shoot. No issues! Ships...
  3. The SOCOM Rifle
    Hi I'm thinking about buying a M1A SOCOM CQB, i was wonder if magpul AK grips will work with it and if you can use magpul's UBR stock will work with it. Thank you for your help.
  4. Modern M14
    Need advice on the right type of scope mount/order from vortex to attain absolute co witness with the front sight. Came with the cantavlier mount, but it is too high. Any help appreciated. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results