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  1. US Bolt action sniper rifles
    I’m still searching for a barrel for my Van Orden build and came across pre64win.com’s 1952 Van Orden Special Target that they acquired. interesting note, it has a SS barrel… https://pre64win.com/products/van-orden-special-target-usmc-sniper-rifle-1952 Not sure how old this article is but...
  2. The M14
    Has anyone got any photos of actual M21 receiver markings? And no, I don't mean XM21, but specifically the M21. I've heard the M14NM markings were ground off and re-engraved over with "M21", but I've never seen any actual photographic confirmation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Military History
    Snipers have used Leatherwood ART scopes in armed conflicts since the Vietnam War. We have had the privilege of connecting with our friend Rene MaCare (173d Airborne). We are grateful for his service and his willingness to share his story. Here are some of his experiences with the Leatherwood...
  4. Steel and Wood
    So check out this work of art. I eyed this guy for a few days on gun”make-me”broker.com and finally jumped. Reason I did was it’s a Douglas heavy 30-06 that looked to be installed by Douglas due to the role marks and placement. Also with the beautiful target stock and perfectly milled sight...
  5. Optics
    All, I just wanted to share this deal. It’s $599 for a very nice scope at MidwayUSA. I have one but paid $100 more when I thought I was getting a great deal. Picture is of mine when I sent it to a buddy. Russ
  6. Steel and Wood
    All, Big thx to seagiant for this beautiful M1917. It’s my first one and I’m seriously impressed with its condition and the quality of this platform. I believe it’s seen a refurb by the stock marking but I’m not a pro on these. I always wanted a British Enfield but didn’t want the one-off .303...
  7. The M14
    [B]I am wondering what are the key things to look for in determining if some one has a true military version M-14 sniper rifle. [B]I have been reading everything I can find on here and other sources about the different variants of the XM-21,M-21 rifles. I was wondering what everyone on here...
1-7 of 9 Results