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  1. SPF
    Off to funbroker
  2. M16 AR15
    Hello everyone , new member here. I need your help in choosing the best carry handle mount. By the research i have already done i came down to these two brands. 1) SMITH ENTERPRISE 2) ARMS Which one of the two would you choose and why? If you know any other brands that are equally good or...
  3. PX
    Like new mounted once Smith Ent. M21 scope mount. PM with email for pics. $200 O.B.O shipped conus Trade for vltor casv, oprod, bolt. All mounting hardware and screws included in PERFECT condition
  4. PX
    Got the gun today, don't need this scope mount. As you can see in the pictures, it's labeled Smith Enterprise, Tempe, AZ M21 FYI, this is a see-thru rail. I test fired today using iron sights with the scope rail still mounted. Comes with the parts listed for very similar mount from SEI...
  5. The M14
    Wanted to share my experience with SE Inc. and the #2088 4.5 lb Mid-range Trigger Upgrade they did on my SA Scout: I sent my trigger group in and after a few days received a call from one of the fine people at Smith. We talked a bit about the #2088 process and a bit about muzzle breaks and flash...
  6. The M14
    Original post deleted
  7. Want To Buy
    I'm in need of a new or exc condition Smith Enterprise Suppressor and Tool Carrier for the SEI / Fisher M14 Direct Connect Sound Suppressor in brown / tan color NOT ACU. The one I need looks like the one in this pic from the SEI website: If you have one available or know where I can get one...
  8. Want To Buy
    I need a new or exc condition Smith Enterprise Cheek Piece in 3 Color Desert (DCU) camo, NOT the newer Universal (ACU) camo. I need one like in this pic from the SEI website: If you have one or know where I can get one, please PM me. I will buy outright or purchase a new SEI cheek piece (color...
1-8 of 9 Results