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  1. SPF>>NIW/NOS M1907 leather slings

    ALL SPF>>>>>>I've got 10 for sale as of now. There may be a few more laying around for later too. They're all in untouched condition, still in the factory packaging. Most are dated either Oct, '65 or Dec '72. $50.00ea +shipping (individual slings will ship in a small flat rate box, roughly $7...
  2. Pairs of M1907 leather 1 1/4" slings, $50--cutting my inventory down!

    Inventory reduction was pretty successful and the sale is over for now. It's been about four months, so I guess this might be called "spring cleaning". That would be as opposed to "winter bail out"... Going to dispose of some extra slings that are becoming an inventory/space problem at the...
  3. For Sale: Pairs of World War II dated/style M1907 leather slings--I choose!!--two for $50.00 postpaid

    I have to reduce my inventory some. This is an "I Choose it" , a sale of sorts, of World War II dated REPLICA/Reproduction Model of 1907 leather slings of WORLD WAR II types and style. This means you get two slings that I CHOOSE, but from the known parameters illustrated here and on...
  4. INTERESTING!!! UNUSUAL!! Some oddments of leather M1907 slings, reproductions but usable and versatile!!

    These are way sturdier than 70-year-old specimens, and one can choose some rather unusual combinations for aesthetic purposes from these variants. ALL MAJOR ITEMS IN THIS THREAD ARE SOLD OUT. ONLY THE KEEPERS REMAIN AND I SELL THOSE ONLY WITH SLINGS. THESE UNITS ARE, HOWEVER, SOLD. I have...
  5. Brass-hooked replica MILSCO 1942 slings, leather, M1907

    Pending funds arrival, these seem to be sold. FUNDS HAVE ARRIVED. I retain MILSCO 1942 with black hooks, including the brown-dyed. And I have the Rock Island 1941, also with blackened steel furniture. And some others. But the brass MILSCO 1942 appear to be sold out. There may be more of...
  6. For Sale: A few (4) RIA 1941 leather slings, Model of 1907 replicas

    These are similar to the "fatigued" ones I had earlier. But these are not "fatigued". Full length G.I., stitched keepers, regulation rivets, in this case blackened steel fittings. Long strap is 49-51", short is about 26", counting loop material. These are NOT the skimpy, pop-riveted...
  7. M1907 "fatigued" leather slings, RIA 1941

    These are sold out, pending funds. I have lots of M1907's, including a brass-hooked, unmarked one at this same price, if interested, but these fatigued jobs are all spoken for, pending funds, and this will be marked sold, probably by FRIDAY. I have LOTS of M1907's, and in fact over the...
  8. For Sale: U.S. M1907 and Martini/Enfield leather slings

    The tie-style Martini/Enfield/Lee Enfield slings are $18.50. Edit: Those are now gone, completely out. Have a wide variety of M1907 units, but the undyed (brass hooks) or "WWI" style unmarked, are a new item I just stumbled across, and the red/brown unmarked I have, also new...
  9. Want To Buy: Leather Sling

    Want To Buy
    Hey everyone, I am looking for a good leather sling to finish my rifle as I just got a TRW stock off of a gentleman here. 55 is the most I can do, I would prefer a used turner or similar sling, but I am still getting my bearings going on M1A and its accessories so I am not sure if that is out of...
  10. No ferrule tension good or bad?

    First off, i have been reading a lot about reinforcing my flimsy SA synthetic stock (loaded model), or purchasing a new stock in the future. While looking over my rifle i have found something interesting and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how it may effect my accuracy/poi shift...
  11. Best 2 point tactical sling for Scout Squad with Archangel?

    Modern M14
    Hi All, I just fitted my M1A Scout Squad with an Archangel stock. Old 2 point tactical sling no longer fits due to the increased circumference of the Archangel stock. Any input would be greatly appreciated on what sling(s) would be best for this combo. Thanks!
  12. GI sling question

    The M14
    Greetings fellow enthusiasts, I took my new SA M1A Standard to the range for the 1st time yesterday and had a great time. After establishing my 200yd zero, I was experimenting with different shooting positions using a GI style sling from Brownells. Each time I would put any tension on the sling...
  13. Sling dilema

    The M14
    Hello and yes i am fairly new to posting on these forums, however i have been reading them for several months now. I have a SA loaded and am looking into options for putting a sling on it. This sling will be used mostly for extended hikes, and as a SHTF sling so i want it to be comfortable and...
  14. For Sale: M14 sling, spring and spring guide

    Hello everyone, I have up for grabs a few surplus M14/M1A/M305 parts and accessories that I no longer require, they are: 1. 1 Used standard Op Rod Spring Guide in good condition. $10.00 2. 1 Used standard Op Rod Spring in good condition. $10.00 3. 1 Rifle Sling (Green, Cotton I think) taken...
  15. GI Slings

    The M14
    Sorry upfront if this is in the wrong part of the forum, but does anyone know where I can find a GI sling for a M1A or Garand? I have seen beautiful leather, cheepo chinese made nylon and super tacticool stuff, but I want an old school style functional GI sling. New or older surplus in like new.
  16. W M14 Magazines

    Did not know where else to put this so I doing it here in Ammo. Anyone buy or use "W" marked M14 mags? I believe that they are Westinghouse made and GI. They look good and the two that I have tried funtioned well. Saw them for sale for under $20 at a few online stores and I am thinking of...
  17. Help me find a good M1A sling in Austin, TX

    The M14
    I've looked everywhere in Austin for a good sling for my M1A in black synthetic stock. I tried academy, mcbrides, red's, and even cabelas with no luck. I'm looking for something in black or green (I think these colors look good with the black stock). As always, I appreciate everyone's advice, J