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  1. Open/Notched Rear Sight

    The M14
    I have searched to no avail for a replacement open/notch rear sight for M1/M14/M1A. My preference is a square notch, but a 'U' or 'V' would be workable. Why? This forum noob hates peep sights! I have astigmatism, so instead of the fuzzy circle most shooters see, I see a canted cat's-eye...
  2. 2 Primary Arms 4-14xFFP MilDot Scopes $175 Each

    I have 2 PA 4-14X Front Focal Plane MilDot scopes for sale. These were used on a .223 AR and .308 Savage 10P. They come in there original packaging as I am a stickler for keeping that stuff. Both in excellent shape and both rifles kept sub MOA with them. I was going to replace these with the...
  3. SAI rear sight upgrade

    The M14
    Hello! I joined the forum 6 months ago but this is my first post. I have a Springfield Armory 'Loaded' M1A and I love it. I realized that a majority of the NM parts are already on the rifle. I want to upgrade the aperture and get 1/2 MOA on both knobs to get a full NM rifle (or closer to it)...
  4. Socom 16 sight removal question

    The SOCOM Rifle
    I plan on mounting a Trijicon RMR on my socom using the Hopco mount (replaces rear sight/housing). I want to completely remove my front sight too since it will be useless. I know I can just pull the sight off via allen screw but can I get a gas lock that will allow me to install a muzzle...
  5. I apologize if this has been brought up before... M1A sight

    The M14
    Hey everyone, I've been searching for a while to no avail. I am trying to find an L-type flip rear aperture for my father's M1A scout. We both like the flip sights because of our experience with the M16 family. There are no optics mounted on three rifle, I'm really just looking for the range...
  6. How do I know it's really TRW?

    The M14
    Hey Everybody, I just ordered a complete rear sight assembly advertised as TRW. I was wondering where I need to look to find the TRW markings, if there are any. I haven't disassembled it to look but don't see any visible markings on the exterior. Any idea if this is the real deal or not?
  7. What do I need to install front sights?

    The M14
    Hello, my m1a did not come with front sights, there are indentions in the barrel where something seems to been mounted before, but were removed. SO I got me some front sights off ebay, I assume I need a screw on front base but so far have not had any luck in finding said base. Any ideas...
  8. SOCOM II Iron Sight question

    Modern M14
    Just picked up my SOCOM II today and was going over it and getting acquainted with the controls. Out of the box the elevation knob turned freely, moving the peep sight up and down as expected, but the windage knob wouldn't turn at all. After searching around I found a suggestion to loosen the...
  9. Want To Buy: 1903A3 or 1903A4 Receiver and Sights

    Want To Buy
    Looking for 03A3 or 03A4 RA Receiver that is original, not reworked drill rifle. Also need complete rear sight incl base and pins and complete front sight. Am converting Nat Ord receiver 03A3 rifle to RA receiver rifle that I am comfortable in shooting. Thanks Email offers please to...
  10. Stuck rear sight

    I have an M1A Scout Squad. I went to zero it a few weeks ago and could not get the rear sight to adjust at all. I brought it home and loosened the screw on the right side of the rear sight and nothing has changed. However, it did raise the rear sight aperture a bit, but the sight is still...
  11. M14 Iron Sight Guide

    M14 Iron Sight Guide This guide is a reference for all of the people that have questions about how to use sights, what sights they should or can use, and any other questions about sights. I have tried my best to answer any possible basic questions. If you have any questions, feel free to post...