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  1. Scout Scope problem

    I'm messing around with a leatherwood scout scope on my SOCOM 16. On the first range day it was shooting 2-3 FEET high at 100yds. This was after bottoming out the adjustment and bring the POI down from 4 feet high. I replaced the scope and I'm still shooting approximately 2ft high. Since I've...
  2. For Sale: Sight-Rite Laser Bore Sighter

    Laser Bore Sighter for .243/.308/.7-08. New in unopened package. Includes $15.00 coupon good at Optics Planet and their affiliated stores through August 31, 2013. I bought a model that takes AAA batteries and decided to keep that one. I paid $35.08 with shipping. Asking $30 and I'll pay...
  3. Sighting in Iron sights on a new rifle

    The M14
    What is your approach to Sighting in the the Factory Iron sights on a new M14/ M1A the first time you take it out? Favorite target types for sighting in on? Best ammo for basic sighting in? Etc. Thanks
  4. Rapid fire of the SA M1A safe?

    The M14
    I noticed how hot my barrel got today after just shooting 3 quick shots in a row. My question: Is shooting a new M1A rapidly bad for the gun and its components? If so, how long should I wait between round(s) for the barrel to cool? Just curious: How many rounds have you shot in a row...