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  1. Optics
    I'm messing around with a leatherwood scout scope on my SOCOM 16. On the first range day it was shooting 2-3 FEET high at 100yds. This was after bottoming out the adjustment and bring the POI down from 4 feet high. I replaced the scope and I'm still shooting approximately 2ft high. Since I've...
  2. PX
    Laser Bore Sighter for .243/.308/.7-08. New in unopened package. Includes $15.00 coupon good at Optics Planet and their affiliated stores through August 31, 2013. I bought a model that takes AAA batteries and decided to keep that one. I paid $35.08 with shipping. Asking $30 and I'll pay...
  3. The M14
    What is your approach to Sighting in the the Factory Iron sights on a new M14/ M1A the first time you take it out? Favorite target types for sighting in on? Best ammo for basic sighting in? Etc. Thanks
  4. The M14
    I noticed how hot my barrel got today after just shooting 3 quick shots in a row. My question: Is shooting a new M1A rapidly bad for the gun and its components? If so, how long should I wait between round(s) for the barrel to cool? Just curious: How many rounds have you shot in a row...
1-4 of 4 Results