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  1. The M14
    I wanted to know the opinions of the forum in regards to a trigger upgrade. I'm not quite at the point yet, but I foresee upgrading the trigger on my JRA M14 in the not-so-distant future. I've narrowed it down to two options, though I'm open to hear others. SEI Trigger Job Or...
  2. Modern M14
    How's it going guys and gals. I'm looking to add to my collection of weapons with an M14. I've always loved the platform, and now is the right time for me to start building one. What I have in mind is Walter Mitty type DMR build (Yes, I've been over Gus Fisher's thread) that is capable of 8"-10"...
  3. Optics
    I have a Springfield Armory loaded m1a and want a mounting system that will allow me to co-witness the iron sights, but also allow the use of an eotech (552) and the new eotech g33 3x magnifier. It appears as though this will fit on the standard Sadlak or SEI mounts(with some overhang) and i...
  4. The M14
    (deleted because i posted in wrong forum section my apologies)
1-4 of 17 Results