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  1. Modern M14
    Greetings all, I just bought an M1A rifle (modern long gun serial #268*** (two hundred sixty eight thousand # # #)). Bought used but near new. I just want to learn more about it because it's my first M1A and though it comes with a scout squad length barrel (18.5") it's called a "Tanker". My...
  2. The M14
    There is a small indent, about the size of a pinhead and not deep enough for me to stick one in, at the front end of the receiver on my scout squad. It's not causing any real trouble but it's got my worried that my receiver may have bubbles or other deformities in it. The gun is fairly new (Only...
  3. Modern M14
    Fellow M1A enthusiast, I have owned a M1A scout squad in walnut for about a year. I'm interested in a SAGE EBR stock and want to know what the best options are for the scout squad model. I would like something with a pistol grip as well as a nice bipod, and I don't need anything crazy as far...
  4. Modern M14
    I finally have found my SA Scout Squad in Sage MOD 0. I joined this forum prior to buying my rifle, because I wanted to get as much info before I bought my rifle. Thank you guys on all the info, it helped me in my process. It was a difficult, long process... But I bought this today and now a...
  5. The M14
    M1A Enthusiasts, I recently purchased my first rifle, An M1A Scout Squad with walnut stock, I put 10 rounds through it, and then reloaded and shot four more rounds and then...nothing... I found out that the extractor had broken... As many have said I talked to SA CS and found them to be...
  6. Want To Buy
    I'm looking for the Springfield Scout Squad Walnut Stock and handguard. I have one in black synthetic and can trade it or I'll buy your walnut one.
  7. Modern M14
    Hi All, I just fitted my M1A Scout Squad with an Archangel stock. Old 2 point tactical sling no longer fits due to the increased circumference of the Archangel stock. Any input would be greatly appreciated on what sling(s) would be best for this combo. Thanks!
  8. New Member Introductions
    Been an infantryman since i joined currently on recruiting duty. Been an M14 fan since my first tour. Finally got an M1A a few weeks ago from a former soldier of mine when I left Texas. Looking forward to getting help from a few experts here. Thanks
  9. The M14
    I got the Scout Squad out this morning. I sighted it in at 25yrds then headed off to the 200 yard range. The first few shots went low and right so I re-adjusted the sights. After that most of the rounds went into the center of mass on the target. I was using PVRI ammo and accuracy seems to be in...
1-9 of 9 Results