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  1. For Sale: Leupold VX-II 1.5-4 x 28 variable Scout Scope

    For sale is a Leupold VX-II IER 1.5-4 x 28 "Scout Scope" in matte black. This is a great optic for a scout-style setup. Here are the specs per Leupold: Length: 10.88" Wt: 8.8 oz Max Adj W&E: 67 MOA (.25 MOA/click) FOV: L=41.7', H=16.5' ER: L=8.75", H=7.75" I had this scope built by...
  2. Troy Battlerail / Nikon M308 Zero Challenge

    Modern M14
    Just had the Troy Battlerail installed on my M1A Scout and mounted the Nikon M-308. When attempting to zero the sight, the elevation turret bottomed out and I'm still hitting 20+ inches above the target. I'm using the mounting rings that came with the M-308. I have an Eotech 552 that had no...
  3. For Sale: Leopold VX-R 1.5-5X33

    For sale custom built leupold VX-R scout scope. Scope has an illuminated fire dot reticle. Brand new bought on a whim when the M1A project was going in a different direction. Scope has never been on a gun while firing. Mounted on my age ebr for a few hours to see if I liked it. Asking $625...