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  1. Modern M14
    Good afternoon gents, I’m a brand new member to this forum and pretty new to the platform. I’ve been collecting M1 garands for some years and decided it was time to dig into the M1A/M-14. I recently acquired an early Match Sprinfield M1A on consignment. It came with an M2 bipod, tons of ammo...
  2. The M14
    I could go with a receiver mount but wanted to try the front rail system too. I have a picatinny extension in, and a cantilever mount for my crossfire II 2x7 scout scope. it feels sturdy enough, and my sight picture with my cheek riser is perfect. Want to hear other recommendations / advice
  3. Optics
    All, I just wanted to share this deal. It’s $599 for a very nice scope at MidwayUSA. I have one but paid $100 more when I thought I was getting a great deal. Picture is of mine when I sent it to a buddy. Russ
  4. Rifle Competition
    I'm looking for a scope for my Springfield Armory M1A. I want to be able to shoot NRA high power matches, so it can't be greater than 4.5x34. And I would like to keep the scope price in the $500 or under range if possible (not including rings, etc.). I'm looking at the Hi-Lux XTC1-4X34...
  5. LRB Arms
    SCOPE RINGS - TPS - TSR Series, 30mm Medium Height (1.075"). Machined from an alloy steel billet. Black Oxide finish to Mil-C-13924 standards. Large, clamp-nut lets you torque rings to M1913 (Picatinny) bases. Fits perfectly on LRB Arms M25 Receiver rail.
  6. Modern M14
    Fellow M1A enthusiast, I have owned a M1A scout squad in walnut for about a year. I'm interested in a SAGE EBR stock and want to know what the best options are for the scout squad model. I would like something with a pistol grip as well as a nice bipod, and I don't need anything crazy as far...
  7. The SOCOM Rifle
    Hi I'm new here and I just wanted to see if anyone has run into this problem. I did a search and didn't find any similar threads. Like I said I'm new to the community, I bought a M1a Socom 16, and to customize it to my specs I bought an Archangel stock , and after doing a lot of research on...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, I just signed up and prior to today have been referring to your blogs which helped me decide to get a M1A Scout Squad. I live in MA and had to order it so while waiting I got a few accessories. Sling, Scope (leatherwood LER), QR Scope Mounts (Leupold), a couple of 10rd Mags and a .308...
  9. Optics
    Guys I wonder if there is a prismatic scope with long eye relief for a SOCOM and Scout rifle. I have a prismatic on my AR15 and like it very much. Mainly because it is light weight and provides a good sight picture. I want a scope to fill the role for CQB and distance shooting. The...
  10. Gunsmithing
    Hey everyone, I have a polytech m14s that I am in the process of scoping. I need to take off the stripper clip guide, but it does not want to come off. I am using a 3/32 punch and hammering from underneath the receiver but the roll pin won't come out. What am I doing wrong? Advice would be...
  11. The M14
    Hey Everyone, I was hoping that someone could tell me how to fix this mess I got myself into. I was trying to disassemble the rear sight but no matter how much I turn, the knobs won't loosen. The rear sight piece popped out and the screw part of the windage knob came out. How should I go about...
1-11 of 50 Results