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  1. Modern M14
    what is the best scope mount for a SOCOM CQB M1A.
  2. Modern M14
    I'm tossing my SA Scout into a sage chassis and was looking for the best possible scope mount. I've just looked at the sage mount really, and price isn't an issue.
  3. Want To Buy
    This is a HUGE shot in the dark, but I figured you all would be the crowd to ask. Tl;dr - I'm looking for a now discontinued GG&G M1A (M14) Scope Mount. Within reason, money is not an issue. (Picture at bottom of post.) A little backstory.... So, once upon a time in the early 2000s I was a...
  4. SPF
    Used Bassett low profile mount has a couple of scratches otherwise solid. It's an extra that I have so I am selling. PayPal gift accepted $130 shipped Happy to send photos if desired.
  5. The M14
    Hey guys, I am looking to put a scope on my M1A and I really like what I've heard and seen about the sadlak scope mount. However, I know this mount is low and I am clueless on what scope ring height to use to clear a 40-44mm hunting scope from making contact with anything. I like the low scope...
  6. Optics
    Hi from Nova Scotia. I have recently purchased a Norinco M14/ M305. I am looking for suggestions for scope mounts to fit this rifle at a reasonable price. Preferably not aluminum? Any ideas or suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks.
  7. Optics
    I'm messing around with a leatherwood scout scope on my SOCOM 16. On the first range day it was shooting 2-3 FEET high at 100yds. This was after bottoming out the adjustment and bring the POI down from 4 feet high. I replaced the scope and I'm still shooting approximately 2ft high. Since I've...
  8. PX
    I have some surplus parts sitting around, and since I'm not using them, I thought someone here might be able to. 1. Norinco M14 Hammer-Used but no mushrooming/peening $15 shipped 2. Norinco Extractor and Ejector-Used, in good shape $20 shipped SOLD!!! 3. B-Square Scope Mount-In package...
  9. Accuracy
    I have an Archangel stock with a Promag M14 Tactical See-Thru Steel Scope Mount and a Vortex® Viper PST Riflescope. My problem is with the rings. I have tried a couple different types but can't seem to get the zero anywhere close. Maxed out I still have to hold 6mildots high at 100yds. I want...
  10. PX
    I have three of these available. All new, never mounted, still in plastic. Will be shipping in USPS small flat rate box. Paypal gift or fees covered by you but will gladly take MO or cashier's check. If photos are necessary I can provide them, but they are just like every other ner DCSB...
  11. Optics
    Hi everyone. I just got a new M21 and want to put a U.S. optics scope on it. I am looking at the Troy Battle Rail. Has anyone used it or had experiance with it? I was also looking at the Airbourne mount.
  12. Optics
    I'm looking for recommendations for a scope and rings that will fit on the Bassett Low Picatinny and my SA Standard. The mount is enroute to me now, and was I thinking someone might have already done some experimenting and come up with scope/ring combination for this particular mount that they...
  13. PX
    Got the gun today, don't need this scope mount. As you can see in the pictures, it's labeled Smith Enterprise, Tempe, AZ M21 FYI, this is a see-thru rail. I test fired today using iron sights with the scope rail still mounted. Comes with the parts listed for very similar mount from SEI...
  14. The M14
    Hello, Just got my m1a today. But I have a problem it does not have a front flash suppressor/sight or a scope mount. So i was looking around in the net, since im using a scope I prob do not have to have the front irons, but they are always nice to have. I do not like the looks of the top of...
  15. PX
    I am selling an ARMS 18 scope mount for the M14. It is the one piece rail not the split rail type. This was test mounted on my M14 but the scope sat so low it hit my NM aperture hood so I went with a different mount altogether. $160 shipped
  16. PX
    SAI scope mount has had about 300 rounds shot under it. Will take discreet PayPal gift, cash, M.O. or a check for payment. $65 shipped
  17. PX
    I have a nearly brand new SEI scope mount, does not appear to have any use (i'm not the first owner), only wear is around the large mounting screw. $210 shipped SOLD Used SAI muzzle break - $45 shipped Used SAI gas plug - $15 SEI close combat tritium front sight post - SPF I highly...
  18. Want To Buy
    Have a new M1A and would like to buy a used but in good condition standard-current model Sadlak or Smith Enterprises Scope Mount. I prefer to pay with PayPal. Send me a PM if you've got one.
  19. PX
    This Mount came with my SAI Scout Purchase. After reading the directions & this Forum, I bought a Bassett (discretion being the better part of valor...) GI3 Am asking $165 with shipping & Insurance included ( FEDEX ground.) I am new to the Forum, basing this price off of other PX posts...
1-19 of 22 Results