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  1. For Sale: NM SA Black Synthetic Stock

    I went home for the holidays and while digging around I found the stock that my Springfield Armory M1A National Match came seated in. I figured one of you on here may have a use for it, since I only own one M1A and it's been in an EBR chassis ever since one week after I bought the rifle. It's...
  2. For Sale: Springfield Armory Flash Suppressor

    Hello! I have a flash suppressor from SA for sale. This part came off my SA M1A NM rifle with less than 150 rds shot through it. See pics attached. JUST the flash suppressor, no castle nut, no allen screw, no front sight and no bayonet lug. I have PayPal and Zelle. Asking 25$ + shipping.
  3. Piston - $18.00

    LRB Arms
    M14 Gas Piston - New Manufacture - $18.00
  4. For Sale: Refinished Birch Stock-150

    No longer selling this Stock, Mods please delete.
  5. For Sale: lrb m14 complete with accessories $2000 shipped to your ffl

    So Im selling my lrb m14. I just don't shoot it enough to justify keeping it. It has about 400 rounds through it without one single malfunction. Runs like a sewing machine, dead reliable. I built it to be reliable and light weight. Comes in at 8lbs 8oz with nylon sling on my digital postage...