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  1. Reloading for my Shotgun... Im lost

    I've been shooting for about 20 years now +/-. Most of which was in the army or federal security so the ammo was always provided. Now that I'm out of both, I need to learn a new skill set so I can keep shooting as much as I would like to with out spending thousands of dollars every few months...
  2. For Sale: Tapco AK T6 Collapsible Stock and Recoil Pad

    I have a very lightly used 6 position collapsible AK stock and recoil pad for sale that I had installed on a Saiga 12. It will fit any AK47 with a stamped receiver, or in my case a Saiga 12. $30 Shipped for both. PM me if you're interested! Thanks! (This ad is for the collapsible...