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  1. New SAI 6.5 CM gas spindle valve blew off on 2nd shot!

    The M14
    Took my new SAI M1A Loaded 6.5 CM for its first trip to the range, and the second shot didn’t cycle the action. Troubleshooting revealed the gas spindle valve was gone! It was there before the first shot, as was the roll pin that secures it in place. I’m not new to the M1A, this is the 3rd...
  2. SAI m1a for casm mount

    The M14
    Greeting All. I am a new member and would like to say that I've read a lot of interesting and informative posts on here. Quite impressed! I own two SAI standard M1A's and a SAI socom 16. I have always been very satisfied with them and never had any problems. Was more than a bit surprised to...