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  1. PX
    Sage International ALCS-HB chassis for the M14 / M1a rifle. Finish is in great condition with only minor wear mostly located around the magazine well ( as pictured ). Chassis itself is in black, collapsing stock is black as well and currently semi disassembled as it had been krylon painted and...
  2. Modern M14
    Hello All, I bought a Springfield Scout Squad and was looking at putting a sage chassis on it in the future, at the certified dealers it asks medium or heavy barrel and have searched around and can't find a definite answer to which it would be, I assume it would be a medium barrel and that heavy...
  3. Modern M14
    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a Sage M14ALCS chassis for my M1A and I can't seem to find one anywhere. I even reached out to Sage but its been months with no reply. Anyone know where I can find one or anyone selling a used one? Thanks
  4. Want To Buy
    Found a chassis. Thanks! Eric
  5. Modern M14
    Hey everyone so i bought a SAGE M1A EBR a few years ago and while it shoots great but ever since I picked up my M60 its just been sitting in it's case. So Im going to be listing it soon however before i do that I wanted to consult some experts and see what something like this is actually worth...
  6. PX
    http://www.armslist.com/posts/3635958/desmoines-iowa-rifles-for-sale--m14-mk14-mod-1-ebr[/url] Price: $ 2,500 Based on a Sage FDE aluminum stock, Fulton Armory receiver, and a TRW OP-rod, this firearm was custom built by Warbird. Features include: -Criterion 18.5" Barrel -Op Rod Guide: Sage...
  7. PX
    I have for sale extra EBR/MK14 parts leftover from my build. Discreet Paypal preferred. All items shipped via priority mail. 1. Badger Black 30MM Rings $95 Shipped 2. TRW/Smith Enterprise engraved MK14 Mod 0 bolt. Excellent condition. $485 shipped.
  8. Modern M14
    This is my first post, just joined because I always find myself on here reading threads. This is my question, what directoin(s) does your M1AEBR move after firing, specifically in righty shooters while shooting standing up. I am a lefty and have noticed that mine goes up and to the left...
  9. BX
    For Sale: MK 14 EBR Multi tool $130 shipped to lower 48 (Priority Mail) Slightly used = drill bits 1x, used to disassemble/reassemble EBR 2 maybe 3x.
  10. Modern M14
    I bought a surplus Sage Mod 0 stock that was pretty well worn having just come back from the sandbox. I have a Springfield Scout in a Navy Seal Grey Mod 0 already, so I vacillated on whether or not to keep the surplus one, even listed it in the PX. In the meantime, I ended up picking...
  11. Modern M14
    I've been following the forum for about a year. I have been trying soak up all of the knowledge I can. I have been slowly putting this gun together over the past few months. I finally got the last piece when Clyde's restocked MOD 0s a few weeks ago. SAI Standard M14 Night force 2.5-10x32 ARMS...
  12. PX
    WTS: SAGE EBR Mod 1 ish AR15 Style M14ALCS/CV Black with 6 screw top cover rail for standard weight barrels. This one has been used as it evidenced by the shiny spots picked up by the flash. The Kydex Handguard, Magpul CTR, Rare 1.25" Cheek Riser, and Tango Down grip are all Brand New and...
  13. Modern M14
    I have been doing a lot of research in choosing a good stock for my Polytech m14s. Warbird is in the process of sending back my m14S and I should have it tomorrow. So the last item on the agenda is to get a good tactical stock. I was really close to buying a Sage EBR stock when I came upon the...
1-13 of 13 Results