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  1. Stock
    Good Evening, Looking for a Sage Int'l EBR stock (SA M14ALCS) for my M1A. I would like to know the manufacturer part number for this chassis, if anybody has this information. If anybody has one up for grabs, or knows the part number please let me know. I am having a hard time getting one from...
  2. Modern M14
    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a Sage M14ALCS chassis for my M1A and I can't seem to find one anywhere. I even reached out to Sage but its been months with no reply. Anyone know where I can find one or anyone selling a used one? Thanks
  3. Modern M14
    Hello, I've recently decided to begin building an M1A EBR for long range shooting, and hunting purposes. The longest shot I will take will probably be around 500 yards, but I want to build a rifle that will perform well past that for years to come. While looking for information online, I found...
1-3 of 4 Results