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  1. For Sale: S&W 27-2 box, G43/K43 stocks(2), 6 pair ruger Grips...

    $150.00 takes all items, $23.00 to ship. These are some items I really want to get rid of, the leftovers from buying out a deceased, high volume 'smith who did restorations, sporterizations, repairs, and all manner of other work. One item is something many folks never see in a...
  2. HOLD YOUR BREATH... I just bedded my ruger 10/22 action

    Hold your breath and say some prayers for me... I just bedded the stock on my Ruger 10/22. I got froggy and needed a challenge I guess? I disassembled and cleaned the entire rifle, chopped and channeled the stock, added a 18" E.R. Shaw bull barrel and cleaned up the trigger group. Now I'm...
  3. For Sale: Archangel Sparta Mini 14/30 Stock

    I have a slightly used Sparta stock for a Ruger Mini 14/30 that's practically brand new. I had it installed when I went shooting twice. It comes in the box with all the caliber tabs and a 6" handguard rail that I installed for a bipod or vertical grip. It's a great stock with a rock solid...
  4. Ruger 10/22 Tactical

    So, the good old 10/22 but with a heavier, shortened barrel and Ruger's target trigger. Oh, and a screw-on flash supressor. It seems to fill a couple of needs of mine but is too new to be seen much where I am, which is to say that not only have I yet to come across an owner but I've never even...
  5. For Sale: Mini-14/Mini-30 Stock and Parts

    I have a lightly used Tapco Intrafuse Mini-14/Mini-30 stock and Ruger factory parts (I shot about 200 rounds while the stock was installed). Intrafuse Stock with Top Barrel Cover and Bottom Rail Cover (and all the mounting screws) Straight and Angled Buttstock Tubes Buttstock with Recoil Pad...
  6. For Sale: Ruger Mini 14 Synthetic Stock and 5 Rd Mags

    I have a Brand New Factory Ruger Black Sythetic Stock that came off of my Mini 14 Tactical as soon as I bought it ($60 SHIPPED) and 2 Brand New Ruger Factory 5 Round Magazines ($30 SHIPPED). Paypal or M.O. only please! PM me if interested!