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  1. Want To Buy
    Looking for a Midwest Industries RMR mount for my M1A, the one that attaches to the barrel and allows co-witnessing with irons. I know its a long-shot as these are discontinued. would also settle for their aimpoint micro mount. Thanks!
  2. M16 AR15
    I'm fairly new to the forum. First post. I'm unabashedly trolling for compliments with this, but I'd like to hear opinions on my setup. Specifics are: Sig Scorpion Carry 1911 .45 with threaded barrel Eagle Industries Plate Carrier w/ AR500 Plate Sig 516 with ACOG TA31 and Trijicon RMR (I will...
  3. SPF
    Hey All, Have an RMR mount that attaches to the rear sight block of an Ak-47/74. Has a built in rear sight notch that will co-witness with your RMR. Comes with everything needed to mount it up. Got this in a trade but dont own an rmr so really dont need. Asking $45 + $5 shipping. Can meet...
1-3 of 3 Results