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  1. US Bolt action sniper rifles
    Pretty hot day to shoot but had fun with my 1903A4. Seen a post earlier with someone’s replica sniper and it gave me the itch. M1903A4 by RRMW 1962 30 Cal Match (fresh opened today!) 100 yards off bag I was the limfac today, the rifle can group Mitch tighter I’m sure. I’m excited to take her...
  2. US Bolt action sniper rifles
    Finally got out to the range with some pals. First time in almost two years. Brought the SWS for the guys, they wanted to see it the most. Good day overall. Sunny, hot and humid. All of us could hold 1.5-2” spread with the M80. It’s definitely not the M24s preferred round but we had fun and I...
  3. Handguns
    So a quick background and on to the main issue. I work at a gun shop, and we finally have some of these things trickling in. My grandfather has wanted one since he heard about them, so I gave him a call and he came and bought one. He left it with me for me to try out after work. Here is...
1-3 of 6 Results