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  1. Ammunition
    Hey guys, I have loaded up the first of some rounds for my M1A standard. I have a hornady book, and I thought the powder seemed a little low, but my last rifle was an ar10 and I assume those can be loaded hotter. I am using 178 Amax, imr4064, winchester primers, and winchester nato cases. I put...
  2. Ammunition
    Reloading pulled 308, 147gr bullet pulled w/IMR 4208 xbr. How many grains to start off is good load data? I was using Hodgdon H4895 38 grains and worked well and due to the powder shortage had to buy the IMR 4208 XBR two cans to reload and this powder I never used. Using mostly lake city ammo...
1-2 of 2 Results