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  1. Newbie from SC

    New Member Introductions
    Glad to be here, I found this place while searching for info on care and feeding differences between the AR10 and the M1A. I'm just getting a reloading room setup after a ten+ year hiatus and have one of each. I'm looking for precision at long range, or at least maximizing the capability of the...
  2. Reloading for my Shotgun... Im lost

    I've been shooting for about 20 years now +/-. Most of which was in the army or federal security so the ammo was always provided. Now that I'm out of both, I need to learn a new skill set so I can keep shooting as much as I would like to with out spending thousands of dollars every few months...
  3. CMP has 308 Ammo

    Hello from a newbie. I saw on the interweb that CMP is now selling 308 ammo. Anyone else tried it yet? It is made by a company called Atomic. Their website says its made in America. 200 rounds of match grade 308 with Nosler Bullets. I cut and pasted this description from CMP. .308 caliber...
  4. Want To Buy: Looking for a single stage reloading press

    Want To Buy
    Title says it all, looking for a single stage reloading press. I would prefer a Rockchucker but anything goes, as long as it does what its supposed to. I'm in no rush, PM me if you've got something you'd part with and a price. Maybe we can work something out. Thanks.