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  1. First wood stock refinish checklist.

    Hey everyone, this is my first wood stock and I hope I have read far enough in the forum that my information is through enough, I just need a final confirmation or comments from someone with more experience that I got all my marbles. I really appreciate any advice. Strip- Acetone Steam Tape...
  2. Sock refinishing help, Boyds PTO

    Hello Everyone, I have a CMP special grade M1 garand with a new Boyds walnut stock. I didnt like the stain they put on it so I am in the end stages of refinishing it. I got it stripped all they way down, sanded it, put 2 liberal coats of a 50/50 mix of pure tung oil and mineral spirits...
  3. Suggestions for dye/stain/oil M1A stock

    I have a new walnut heavyweight NM stock that's unstained, no metal, and I want to stain/dye/oil it for a flat/satin finish. I've been reading all about PTO/BLO, but that's after you apply a stain (if I'm correct). Any suggestions on the dye/stain/oil and what color am I looking for (walnut/med...
  4. m38 stock refinishing

    I have a 1941 Mosin Nagant and want to refinish the stock. I took off the steel and started to sand off the dark brown laquer. The wood underneath is very blotchy. Its hard to see the grain because there are so many dark blotchy areas. Has anyone refinished one of these stocks? Anyone know what...