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  1. 20210716_160535.jpg

    M1A standard with Romeo 7 RDS and Ultimak hand guard.
  2. BX
    Got this in a batch of parts and though it’s nice I don’t have anything to mount it too. The red dot is very clear and works great but the pic is hard to show it. $20 Shipped
  3. Modern M14
    Hey everyone! I have an M1A Scout, and I'm looking to throw on a spare Trijicon MRO. Should I go with the M14.CA SHG with a low mount for the MRO? I want a decent cheek weld(not chin). Is it worth the effort and money? Or should I just stick with irons? I think this would be a really...
  4. PX
    This setup is specific to the m1a/m14 because of the mount. Trijicon dual illuminated 7 MOA amber dot with Hopco mount. Mounts where your rear sight aperture is so it is the lowest method for mounting a red dot. RMR and mount are used but great shape. My wife ordered the mount while I was on...
  5. BX
    Hey All, Got some quality AR gear thats been sitting in my safe.... -Magpul MOE AR Grip, New rifle take off---- SOLD -Magpul 5.56 Magazine coupler, New in Box---- $17 Shipped -Magpul Gen2 .308 Magazine---- SOLD (Can only ship to LEO or out of state). -Glacier Guard handguards- Fully...
  6. Optics
    I have a new M1a Scout that needs a red dot. As this rifle has the ability to reach out and touch someone, I am looking for recommendations for a 3x or best all around red dot. I have read some here like the Vortex Striker. I dont know much about this sight. I have an Aimpoint on a SOCOM...
  7. SPF
    Bought this brand new when I thought I was going to build a flat top. Ended up with an A2, so this goes. Looking to recoup my cost on this. $440 shipped. No trades. I accept USPS Money Order or Paypal gift. PM or email me with questions. Thanks [email protected]
1-7 of 7 Results