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  1. Rear Sight Problems

    The M14
    Hey Everyone, I was hoping that someone could tell me how to fix this mess I got myself into. I was trying to disassemble the rear sight but no matter how much I turn, the knobs won't loosen. The rear sight piece popped out and the screw part of the windage knob came out. How should I go about...
  2. M14 NM sight base

    I have a used M14 NM rear sight base for sale. Price is $50.00
  3. Want To Buy: M14 / M1A NM Rear Sight and NM Flash Hider

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for m14 / M1A NM rear sight parts or whole national match rear site. I am also looking for a national match flash hider. I would also like to trade a slotted hand guard for a solid hand guard. Mine is in very good to excellent condition. Looking for the same in return. I like money...
  4. Garand Elevation Markings

    M1 Garand Accuracy
    Does anyone know what the letters "B" and "P" signify on a Garand elevation knob? Also, what mark should be opposite the index when the apature is all the way down. I just got my first Garand from CMP and it shoots great but I dont have any previous experiance with the M-1.
  5. Stiff sight?

    I went out to sight in my new M1A Scout Squad this morning and has some trouble with the rear sight. My groups at 100yds were phenominal, but 4 inches to the right. When I went to adjust the windage knob, it would not turn. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get it to adjust. Not...
  6. M14 Iron Sight Guide

    M14 Iron Sight Guide This guide is a reference for all of the people that have questions about how to use sights, what sights they should or can use, and any other questions about sights. I have tried my best to answer any possible basic questions. If you have any questions, feel free to post...