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  1. Promag PM081 viable ARMS 18 split rail stand in?

    The M14
    Getting ready to put optics on my M1A Scout and have pretty much decided the ARMS 18 split rail is exactly what Im looking for. You guys could probably guess the problem with this conclusion. So the question is: Is the Promag PM081 a viable stand in for an ARMS 18 split rail mount? Id just go...
  2. ProMag Magazines Fall Right Out of My M1A

    The M14
    Hello All, Brand new forum member here, and I actually registered tonite hoping to get some help with these. Went to a gun show and bought two new-in-the-box ProMag M1A/M14 20rd mags. Paid just under $50 for the pair. No receipt provided and don't recall the name of the vendor. Spent a little...
  3. For Sale: Archangel Sparta Mini 14/30 Stock

    I have a slightly used Sparta stock for a Ruger Mini 14/30 that's practically brand new. I had it installed when I went shooting twice. It comes in the box with all the caliber tabs and a 6" handguard rail that I installed for a bipod or vertical grip. It's a great stock with a rock solid...