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  1. Is my barrel crooked?

    Modern M14
    I have a SAI Scout. I mounted a CASM Gen II mount after having no luck zeroing the SAI mount. I tought the SAI mount looked crooked, but figured it was just because I was new to this platform. Now that I put the CASM mount on, if I look down the mount it's way left of the front sight. Today at...
  2. M14 Ejector failure with Scope Mount

    The M14
    Hey Guys I recently bought a Norinco M14. I mounted a UTG Scope Mount to it and now it isn't ejecting the cases properly (as seen in the video below) every second shoot gets jammed. Without Scope Mount it was ejecting just fine. There are also brass traces on the Scope Mount. Does anybody know...
  3. Problem with ar15: the bolt won't completely open when last round shooted

    M16 AR15
    Hello everyone I have a mysterious problem with my ar15: after 1000 shots without issues, now it fails to catch the bolt completely open after the last round is shooted. 1-If I hold pulled the bolt catch and i shoot the last round it works properly and the bolt stay open correctly. 2-The...
  4. M1A bolt stop problem

    The M14
    Hello everybody, This is one of the first posts I have made here, if not the very first, but I have been reading here for a while. This is an awesome forum and I am hoping you guys can help. I have a SA M1A loaded and I seem to be having trouble with the bolt stop. When I have a round in the...