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  1. History Enthusiast, Newbie, Tolkien fan

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I'm fairly new here, only ever forum I've been on was the Ak Files and even then I've yet to make an introductory post. Just picked up my M14S a few weeks ago, price was just right. I'm more a historic collector than a target shooter (maybe because I'm not very good at it) and I hoped...
  2. Removing Stripper Clip Guide on Polytech

    Hey everyone, I have a polytech m14s that I am in the process of scoping. I need to take off the stripper clip guide, but it does not want to come off. I am using a 3/32 punch and hammering from underneath the receiver but the roll pin won't come out. What am I doing wrong? Advice would be...
  3. New member from Canada

    New Member Introductions
    Afternoon All, I am a new member. I am from British Columbia Canada and after lots of lurking and research just bought my first chinese m14/m1a knockoff (polytech/Norinco m305). I served for 4 years as an infantry soldier before discharging in 2011 for another "service" career. I chose the m14...
  4. What scope mount??

    The M14
    I recently stumbled on a NIB pre-ban Polytech and I have a few questions: 1. I have an ART II Scope that uses a picitiney (sp?LOL) mount. I'm a military collector (AND shooter) so I would like my scope mount to be as military correct as possible. Actually Viet-Nam like for that scope. I've seen...
  5. Tigger pack question

    Is a USGI or Springfield aftermarket trigger pack a direct swap with an IDE Polytech?
  6. Dressing up my China Doll

    The M14
    So I got me a little China Doll. IDE Polytech for 8 bills with 5 20rd mags (2 Korean NIW, 2 Chinese copies, and a junker from God knows where) and a 5 rd Springfield. Now I know about the "soft" bolt thing. These IDE's had better bolts, but the headspacing issues make shooting 308 commercial a...
  7. Jtactical Rogue stock vs Sage Stock.

    Modern M14
    I have been doing a lot of research in choosing a good stock for my Polytech m14s. Warbird is in the process of sending back my m14S and I should have it tomorrow. So the last item on the agenda is to get a good tactical stock. I was really close to buying a Sage EBR stock when I came upon the...
  8. Want To Buy: Polytech or Norinco M14 up to $900 shipped

    Want To Buy
    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a stock Polytech or Norinco M14. Under 300 rounds through or unfired. With either a 10 rd magazine or no magazine (the laws of my homestate of california). Also, the firearm may not have a flashhider (again due to california law). Any help anyone can give me on...
  9. For Sale: Polytech M14S, Barreled Receiver, "IDE" side marked ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS***

    Polytech M14S, Barreled Receiver, "IDE" side marked, SN 08660, $650.00. I had this for sale about a year ago and took it down as I thought I was going to build it into another configuration, well, that didn't happen, so, my loss is your gain. Here it is again. Included with the barreled action...