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  1. Want To Buy: USGI flash hider nut pliers

    Want To Buy
    Classified WTB #6 When listing a Want To Buy, please include a maximum price as your budget to spend. Hi all, I've already broken a new set of castle nut pliers that I bought from Fulton Armory. I'm interested in buying genuine USGI pliers. I'm willing to pay for them because I've got an...
  2. Castle-Nut Pliers -- SOLD

    (SOLD!) From Brownells, still relatively new-ish. One-time use on a project about a month ago. 12.00 shipped. Paypal gift preferred. Solid gunbroker feedback.
  3. Want To Buy: BAD T-3 M1/M1A wrench and castle nut pliers

    Want To Buy
    WTB a Battle Arms Development BAD T-3 Gas Cylinder Lock Wrench that works on both the M1A and the M1 Garand, and a good set of castle nut pliers. Posting here before going to Brownells and Midway. Thanks for looking. - Tom in AZ