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  1. Modern M14
    Seeing that the M14 pictures forum is running strong I thought It'd be a good idea to start a thread focused on sharing videos! I share my range trip videos on here every once in awhile and figured I'm not the only one recording my shooting, so I'll start it off. Here's a video I recently made...
  2. Pictures
    Show off your Rogue Bullpup M14/M1As and give us some detailed information about your bullpup M14/M1A... non-Rogue bullpup M14/M1As are welcome DI2 My tan Rogue M14 is a work in progress... I'm waiting on tall wire EDM rings from SEI so I can mount Leupold glass. Barreled action: Sound...
  3. Pictures
    Anyone have an good photos of M14 SAWs in Vietnam? Can be just a normal M14 Auto with the a M2 bipod, an M15 rifle, or a M14e2/a1. Would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  4. Ammunition
    SO guys who are the real Ammo whores in this place, im curious to see how and what you guys do. I keep an Access Database of my ammunition, (till the computer died, and so did it), But im going to do inventory, plus in the next month i will take possession of over 1,500 round sof 8mm Mauser...
1-4 of 4 Results