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  1. New guy, New JRA M14, .308 Perfecta, and a Blown Primer

    The M14
    Hi all, First time M14 owner here (Not new to the M1 style action and controls though). I just purchased a James River Armory M14 from Classic Firearms and received it yesterday from my FFL. Needless to say, I was itching to go and shoot it. This morning I field stripped it and oiled it up some...
  2. Cheap-ish Perfecta 147gr .308

    Walmart is selling this Perfecta ammo for 12.44 for box of 20. Made in Italy but on the back it says distributed by TULAMMO. Only Manufacturer I can find in Italy is Fiocchi, which I assume would be a good thing. Wondering if anyone has any impressions on this ammo yet. I'm not sure if it's...