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  1. 1911 - Single Stack Double Stack Part Interchangeability

    I understand 1911 parts are rarely, if ever, drop in, but which parts are typically shared between double stack (2011) and single stack 1911s? Are the sear and hammer interchangeable? Can a normal trigger be attached to a double stack trigger bow? I'm finding surprisingly little information...
  2. SA Bolt Disassembled Itself While Shooting

    Modern M14
    Yes, you read the title correctly. Today, April 20th, 2019, I witnessed black magic. So I was shooting my SA M1A Loaded EBR in the prone at 100yds when, on the last shot out of the EBR for the day, I saw my extractor shoot straight up and out of the bolt onto the floor in front of me perfectly...
  3. Bula Barreled Receiver | Boyd's | Bula | Fulton | Sadlak | Sage | SEI | USGI |

    Thinning the herd! Bula Serial #TFL34 - Standard M14 receiver with 19.25” NM Medium Weight barrel and stripped bolt. Unfired - NEW - $800 shipped. - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - $175 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod NM Spring Guide - NEW - $25 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod Spring - NEW - $10 - *SOLD* Bula...
  4. Barreled Receivers | Bula | SEI | SAI | Sadlak | ShootingSight | Fulton Armory | Sage | USGI | Boyd's

    Had total knee replacement surgery in 2017 and got completely sidelined for the last few years. Just starting to get back in the saddle now, but need to thin the herd at this point. Way too many projects! This sale is personal and not a business. Thanks! Please reply with "I'll take it" with...
  5. What's the name of this part?

    What's the name of this part? (TIA)
  6. For Sale: Benelli M4 parts *PRICE DROP*

    Greetings, Up for sale are an assortment of parts from a new unfired Benelli M4 super 90. All the parts are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) except for the handguards, they are from Freedom fighter tactical. Everything is listed below, pictures can be provided upon request it is all in...
  7. Piston - $18.00

    LRB Arms
    M14 Gas Piston - New Manufacture - $18.00
  8. Want To Buy: M14 / M1A NM Rear Sight and NM Flash Hider

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for m14 / M1A NM rear sight parts or whole national match rear site. I am also looking for a national match flash hider. I would also like to trade a slotted hand guard for a solid hand guard. Mine is in very good to excellent condition. Looking for the same in return. I like money...
  9. M1A wood stocks

    The M14
    My rifle has the polymer stock, but I want to get a wooden stock and brown handguard for this rifle. In the experience of the hive mind, who's best to deal with?
  10. Want To Buy: Building Winchester and need a good barrel

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a VG+ condition Winchester barrel for my Winchester (James River Armory reweld) M14 receiver. Have some parts to trade and also cash. Contact me at [email protected]
  11. Any further suggestion on SOCOM parts?

    The SOCOM Rifle
    Alright gents, Bought my first SOCOM II. I wanted the SOCOM 16 because the cluster rail is just rediculous. All I could get my hands on due to the panic buying was the SOCOM II for a whoppin 1800$ ( I would have paid 2000$ to ensure I got my baby). So far here is the list of parts/upgrades I...
  12. For Sale: M1A/M14 Lots Of Parts And Tools

    I am sorry if I haven't responded to all inquiries. I only joined yesterday and I didn't realize that the messages don't go to my email, but that I had to get into the forum to view message activity. I also had a little problem setting the status of the pending sale. I read some of the...
  13. For Sale: GSG-522 Lower and Cocking Tube/Front Sight $25 Shipped

    I have a brand new GSG-522 stripped lower and cocking tube/front sight for sale. Complete your 522 conversion! $12 shipped for either one. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  14. For Sale: Brand New GSG-5 Tri-Rail Handguard + Accessories $35

    I have a brand new Tri-Rail Handguard for sale. It comes with the Handguard, 5 Position Vertical Grip (brand new), 6 picatinny rail covers (brand new), and GSG handguard pin (brand new). $35 Shipped for everything. M.O. only please. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  15. Rifle Parts

    I just finished building my first M14 with some help from the nice people of Smith Enterprise and LRB Arms. The only place that I could find to order individual parts to complete my rifle was Fulton Armory. Are there other places out there that make all the little parts you need to build a...
  16. For Sale: Brand New AR-15 Parts

    Trigger Guard with Roll Pin - $5 Shipped Pistol Grip - $5 Shipped A2 Stock with Buffer Tube, Spacer, Buffer, Spring, and Trap-Door Buttplate (I just installed it on my AR yesterday, still new) - $60 Shipped (Sold Pending Payment) Standard Length Handguard - $20 Shipped Money Orders only...
  17. Magazine Springs

    I have a question for anyone who has an answer: I'm trying to lay in a supply of magazine springs for my M1A, (and all other mags/guns I own). As we all know, springs wear out, period. All of the suppliers of springs out there charge exorbitant prices. I've initially looked for sources of supply...
  18. Misc. parts, accessories and tools...

    I have a few items for sale: JP Enterprises AR15 cleaning rod guide, like new-$30 delivered Olympic Arms chamber rod/brush, SPF Dillon primer pocket swager tool-SPF Surefire executive E2e light-$75 delivered SKS firing pin and spring-$12 delivered Mitch Rosen Duece mag holder (1911)-$35...
  19. Misc. M1 and M1A Parts

    All items include first class USPS shipping unless you have personal preference. Priority will be an additional $5. (Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture of it.) Must post an "I'll take it" followed by a PM. Thanks. Post War M1 Garand Trigger Housing. Will include trigger guard...
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