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  1. Bula Op-Rod, Guide and Pin

    1. Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - Never Fired - $150 - SOLD 2. Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - Never Fired - $150 - SOLD 3. Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - Cycled - Never Fired - NO Issues - $145 - SOLD 4. Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - 40 Rounds Fired - NO Issues - $140 - SOLD 5. Bula Op-Rod Guide...
  2. Want To Buy: TRW Op Rod

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy one, Repaired, Original, re-parkd', any condition really just not super rough. Must be functional . 200-300$, Possible trade I have super nice TRW trigger groups for anyone who is interested.
  3. Help! Op rod binds in my sage ebr stock

    Modern M14
    Hello everyone, Newbie with a question. I just put my op rod on my receiver and put everything together. The op rod feels like it doesn't slide smoothly and when the bolt stop releases the op rod and slams it forward, the op rod takes a little tap with a dead blow to unstick it so I can pull...
  4. Two different recoil springs?

    The M14
    I just recently ordered some spare parts from brownells, and put in for 2 recoil springs (i opted for the springfield ones since that is what i own although it shouldn't make a difference). Upon receipt of the package i noticed that the two springs (with the same brownells part number) were...
  5. Want To Buy: High quality USGI OpRod, rear sight assembly

    Want To Buy
    hey guys, working on a build and still need to a good oprod and rear sight assembly. any help would be much appreciated. cheers dave
  6. For Sale: M14 sling, spring and spring guide

    Hello everyone, I have up for grabs a few surplus M14/M1A/M305 parts and accessories that I no longer require, they are: 1. 1 Used standard Op Rod Spring Guide in good condition. $10.00 2. 1 Used standard Op Rod Spring in good condition. $10.00 3. 1 Rifle Sling (Green, Cotton I think) taken...
  7. Op Rod

    Modern M14
    How do you tell a genuine USGI Op Rod from say a Chinese or late model SA? Thanks